Ask Coach Myrna: How to Start Over?


Ask Coach Myrna
Ask Coach Myrna

It is never too late to, start over.  Have you heard the saying, “Age ain’t nothing but a number?” Well it's true!  I started my Life Coaching career at 55 years old.   Colonel Sanders, the original founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, started at age 62.

How to, Start Over? It's Never Too Late To, Start Over!


Julia Childs didn’t release her first cookbook until the age of 50, which catapulted her into stardom and widely recognized as one of the original Celebrity Chefs.

Want to, start over,  or start a new adventure?

Here are 4 ways to help you get started. I call it the, start over, dialogue:

  1. To, start over, create a list of choices and options. (Careers, business interest, training certification, etc.)
  2. Review your options; select the one that interest you most.
  3. Focusing on the selected option/interest, create a list of pros, cons and/or stumbling blocks to accomplishing your goal. Use the list as a guide to create an Action Plan to, start over, .
  4. Prioritize your list of things to do, starting with the smallest step toward the ultimate goal.
  5. Your list should look like a  road map that will lead you to success. Each step outlined should be in the direction of your goal. It does not matter how small the step, it’s making the step that counts.


“The, start over, journey begins with just one step!”

When I decided to become a, Life Coach, I began by inviting a friend was a, Life Coach, to lunch to get personal and professional insight of the demands, opportunities and advantages of that particular career choice. Your road map (first steps) can be as simple as that; inviting someone to lunch and asking questions, job shadowing, computer research, or volunteering for first hand insight. That should be your first step to, start over,

A simple lunch with a friend revealed everything I wanted to know about becoming a Life Coach, including the education and certifications needed and where to find online schools.

If, starting over, or just getting started is a goal, “it’s never too late to start, or start over!” There is no better time than the present. Don't wait until the time is right, because for some, the time is never right.

You have to make the connection between your old story and your current circumstances. You have to know yourself to grow yourself. Don’t blame others for your current circumstances. You are responsible for your life. Write your own story! Transcend failures and blame into taking the steps to become all you capable of being and meant to be in life.

It’s never too late to, start over, Just do it!

How to start over as a Christian
How to start over as a Christian

How to, start over, as a born again Christian

A lot of us can't believe that when you accept the lord Jesus as your savior then your sins are wiped clean and you, start over, with a clean slate.

The point is for us to be serious about our relationship with Jesus and to leave the sin behind.

If you do have a desire do the sin no more, but still engaged in the sin, then you are not serious about, starting over?

1.         First thing is to stop the sin. Do not persist on committing the sin or going back to it. Make conscious, serious effort to stop and quit the sin.

2.         Second, sincerely regret the sin. Regret is essential in showing sincerity. If you truly regret a wrongdoing, then you understand why God told us that it is harmful and against his laws.

3.         Third, seek forgiveness for your sins and repent from the wrongdoing.

4.   Lastly, have a strong, sincere intention not to go back to the sin.

When you do the above successfully, you’ll have a fresh clean start to, start over.

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So always remember that so long as you are serious and sincere in seeking Him, He will facilitate and open doors for you.

Now, what are things to remember on this path as you start over?

1- Establishing prayer: this is the most important thing to work on right now. This is the daily connection and commitment as a new Christian. It keeps you focused and always link you to God. Also prayer is the first thing that the person will be asked about on The Day of Judgement. So take it seriously and make sure you do it consistently and on time.
Remember that prayer and being a Christian are interrelated. Your knowledge of the bible and understanding of it will increase your concentration and your presence in prayer and the degree to which you really feel connected to God. When we truly listen and concentrate on the words of bible and the fact that we’re standing in his Glory.

So work on establishing your communication with God with prayer.

3- Seek righteous companionship. It is a very important aspect of this path to have righteous friends that aid you on the path, remind you when you forget and uplift you when you feel down. See if you can volunteer in a nearby , find charitable projects to volunteer in and help the poor/needy and the orphans. These are all activities that shall fill your time with goodness and introduce you to pious friends.

And don’t forget that first and foremost, you must seek God's Help.

So long as your soul is still in your body, there is still hope and God is opening the opportunities wide open for you. Seek the path of God because in it you will find ultimate and true peace, completion and satisfaction. You will find soothing pleasure, hope, meaning, purification and light that you haven’t experienced before through any other means. Jesus gives us the path and the cure and His own Help and Support. So seek the opportunity and don’t waste it. Start now. Make your connection to God real and He will answer your prayers.  He will respond and He will open doors. Pray to Him constantly, listen to His words and understand them, be in the company or those who remember Him and seek Him, do righteous deeds as much as you can…. and you will find you entire life uplifted, filled with hope, meaning and purpose.

Just start and keep going… there is no hopelessness in this path.

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