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Mindfulness Techniques to Manage Stress and Enhance Well-being

Dr. Romie expounds on leveraging, mindfulness techniques, to combat stress, manage a “busy brain,” and promote overall wellness. In today's world, where stress and burnout have become commonplace, the quest for achieving inner peace seems ever more urgent. Dr. Romie Mushtaq, a board-certified physician merging neurology, integrative medicine, and mindfulness, offers transformative insights into tackling these overwhelming challenges that modern lifestyles impose.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Mindfulness can be a potent tool for, managing stress, and combating the “busy brain” syndrome, characterized by anxiety, focus issues, and insomnia.
  • Restoring one's, circadian rhythm, and addressing underlying medical conditions, such as, thyroid disease, can be pivotal in, managing stress, and sleep problems.
  • An eight-week protocol, as outlined in Dr. Romie Mushtaq  book “The Busy Brain Cure,” provides a structured approach to finding focus, managing anxiety, and, improving sleep quality.

Mindfulness Techniques for Busy Brains

The Phenomenon of the Busy Brain

The term “busy brain” reflects a condition that goes beyond the normal plethora of daily thoughts. It refers to a state where an individual's brain is constantly in overdrive, marked by an inability to focus, heightened anxiety, and persistent sleep disturbances. As Dr. Romie explains, a, busy brain, is not merely about having many thoughts, but primarily about the uncontrolled and intrusive nature of these thoughts.  Particularly negative ones, that people struggle to manage.

“A busy brain is you have a pattern of inflammation in your brain that's causing these three symptoms. […] difficulty focusing, feeling anxious, and insomnia.”

By understanding that a, busy brain, is a condition amplified by, chronic stress, and inflamed neurological pathways, the first step towards managing it lies in recognizing its symptoms and impact on our daily functions.

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Wild Health

 Mindfulness Techniques: Sound healing

Incorporating, sound healing, as one of the, mindfulness techniques, that  serves as a gateway to mindfulness for those who find sitting in silence daunting. Dr. Romie underscores the significance of, sound healing, in aiding cognitive focus and emotional regulation.  Drawing upon its ancient roots and scientific validation. The use of, binaural beats, and certain frequencies of music can bring one's brain back into focus.

“The idea was, to use binaural beat sound healing, where you're using headphones to listen to a certain frequency of music, and that can actually help bring your brain back into focus.”

The practice presents a dynamic and accessible approach to mindfulness.  Catering to the modern individual's need for immediate and tangible relief from the incessant chatter of a, busy brain.

Transform Your Mind Podlink
Transform Your Mind Podlink

Addressing Sleep Patterns and Underlying Health Issues

Correcting sleep patterns is crucial for managing a, busy brain. Dr. Romie prescribes a seven-day sleep challenge based on, cognitive-behavioral therapy, for insomnia that addresses lifestyle habits disrupting our natural, sleep cycle. She also highlights the importance of investigating and treating underlying health issues, such as thyroid disease, which are often overlooked.

“We ask people to actually abstain from alcohol for two to three weeks, because that will wake you up in the middle of the night and prevent you from going to deeper stages of sleep.”

By combining adjustments in sleep hygiene with medical scrutiny, people can considerably reduce the symptoms of a, busy brain, and lay the foundation for improved, mindfulness techniques.

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Cultivating a Culture of Wellness through Mindfulness Techniques

The Integration of Mindfulness in Corporate America

Dr. Romie stresses that, chronic stress, is not just an individual issue but a systemic one that requires organizational change. Her work in corporate America, educating Fortune 500 companies and scaling mindfulness programs, denotes a significant shift in how businesses address employee wellness.

“What if I got real and really thinking about your audience and what your podcast focused on is I had the wrong mindset on what success was. […] We can't expect the workforce to be like this.”

Through promoting, mindfulness techniques,  and creating programs tailored to the corporate environment, Dr. Romie is challenging long-established beliefs about success and productivity that have often come at the expense of mental well-being.

podhero podcast Transform Your Mind
Podhero podcast

Personal Narratives and Finding Common Ground

The concept of renting success from one's well-being resonates with many, and the narratives shared in “The Busy Brain Cure” offer diverse perspectives, helping readers identify with the issues at hand. Such personal stories are vital in breaking down the stigma attached to stress and mental health struggles in professional circles.

“I remember knowing what it was like to walk those hospital corridors in this really dark place. We didn't have terms of mental health crisis or burnout back then, and I felt so alone.”

Dr. Romie's openness about her journey paves the way for a more empathetic understanding of, stress management. It invites individuals and organizations to take a more humane approach to performance and success.

Book The Busy Brain Cure
Book The Busy Brain Cure

The Busy Brain Cure: An Empowering Protocol for Mental Health

The “Shift” Protocol: Structured and Holistic Approach to Healing

Dr. Romie's book introduces readers to the “Shift” protocol, which holistically addresses Sleep, Hormones, Inflammation, Food as Fuel, and Technology's role in our lives. By following these carefully outlined steps, individuals can embark on a transformative journey that promises relief from the mental chaos that afflicts so many.

“We walk you through the eight-week protocol, little brain shifts or micro habits to do to heal these key five areas that will help you heal.”

This guided structure empowers readers to take actionable steps towards reclaiming control of their mental and emotional well-being.

By recounting the efficacy of incorporating mindfulness into, stress management, practices and underlining the importance of addressing sleep and medical issues, Dr. Romie Mushtaq delivers a powerful message about the capabilities of introspective healing. Bolstered by the launch of her book, “The Busy Brain Cure,” she offers a comprehensive plan to mitigate the, busy brain, phenomenon—a strategy that promises not just immediate relief but a sustained journey towards a mindful and balanced life. With her professional insight and personal passion, Dr. Romie exemplifies the transformational impact of blending traditional wisdom with contemporary science, providing hope and practical solutions to those navigating the turbulent realities of our time.

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Using Mindfulness And Breathwork To Heal After Tragedy

Embracing Mortality: How To Live Like You Will Die Tomorrow

How to live, like you will die tomorrow, is one way to embrace your mortality. Death anxiety,  often brings fear and apprehension, but what if acknowledging the inevitability of death could become a catalyst for living a more fulfilled, passionate life? In a candid conversation between life coach Myrna Young and spiritual teacher Kate Manser, inspiring insights are shared on, how to live life, to the fullest by embracing the possibility that tomorrow may never come.

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Key Takeaways:
  • Mortality Awareness as a Catalyst for Living: Recognizing the impermanence of life can be a powerful motivator to live more freely and joyously.
  • Personal Awakening Through Challenging Events: Experiencing loss or trauma can lead to profound self-discovery and a deeper appraisal of life.
  • Daily Practices for a Fuller Life: Implementing mindfulness habits and seeking joy in every day can transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary ones.

Awakening to Life Through the Lens of Mortality

Kate Mansor's personal journey of transformation underscores how facing mortality head-on can lead to an awakening. After the sudden loss of several friends, Kate grappled with deep, death anxiety, the fear that she could die at any moment. This fear initially paralyzed her, making her afraid to truly live. However, the untimely death of a colleague on Mount Everest became a pivotal turning point. She realized that regardless of how one chooses to live, the end is inevitable for everyone. This revelation shifted her perspective from fearing death to using the awareness of mortality as a motivating force for living passionately and authentically.

“… What was the scariest thing for me? The idea that I might die tomorrow. After that, it became the most motivating, inspiring, and clarity inducing mantra of my life.” — Kate Manser

Kate speaks to the transformative power of integrating mortality into one's life philosophy. When we internalize the transient nature of our existence, every moment becomes precious. This realization serves as a foundation to build a life that allows for greater clarity, urgency, and purpose.

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Mortality Awareness: Live Like You Will Die Tomorrow

Life inevitably throws challenges our way — divorce, loss, depression, and the like. Instead of allowing these moments to define us negatively, Kate advocates for embracing pain as part of the full spectrum of human experience. It's not just about loving life when it’s easy, but accepting and understanding that pain and challenges are equally integral to the human condition.

“…if I say I love life, but I only love the part of life that's fun and shiny…then I don't really love life. I love easy life…” — Kate Manser

Kate and Myrna discuss how through our trials, we find connections with others who have walked similar paths. This collective experience not only helps ease our personal suffering by knowing we are not alone but also facilitates empathy, understanding, and a potential to help others navigating similar circumstances. Embracing the complete human experience, with its highs and lows, shapes a more compassionate and genuine legacy.

Podmust Transform Your Mind podcast
Podmust Transform Your Mind podcast

Integrating Mindfulness Practices for Daily Aliveness

The conversation takes a practical turn as Kate shares her experiences with walking meditation, a practice learned at Plum Village, the monastery of Thich Nhat Hanh. This type of meditation grounds you in the present, breathes life into routine chores, and helps connect with the natural world around you.

“…walking meditation, you just walk, and you feel your feet on the ground, and you look at the sky, and you feel the air on your skin, and you're just so deep in the present moment.” — Kate Manser

She also introduces the “deathbed gut check” — a decision-making tool that helps break through life's indecision by imagining choices from the perspective of your dying moments. This mental exercise peels away the superficial layers of daily worries, revealing what truly holds meaning in life.

“…remembering that I'll be dead soon is the best thing I have ever found to help me make the tough choices in life.” — Steve Jobs

Mindfulness Walking Meditation

These tools are not only meant for large life decisions but can also transform the mundane, instilling a sense of aliveness in every action.

Mindfulness, walking meditation, equip us to embrace mortality positively. By periodically reminding ourselves of our finite existence, we're more likely to appreciate the nuances of life, love more deeply, and live with intention.

The dialogue between Myrna and Kate Manser explores the depth and breadth of living with mortality in mind. It is evident that the, awareness of death, can be not only a philosophy but a practical, daily influence on how we choose to conduct our lives. By valuing our fleeting moments, embracing our trials, and cultivating mindfulness in our routine, we edge closer to living authentically and passionately — essentially, living as if we might die tomorrow.

The intertwining threads of mortality, awakening, pain, purpose, and mindfulness offer a tapestry of insights that encourage readers to reassess their approach to life. Rather than shying away from the thought of death, we lean into it, allowing it to highlight and prioritize the truly important aspects of our existence. This approach doesn't just change how we live; it transforms how we engage with the world and consequently, how we leave it when our time comes.

Book You May Die Tomorrow


For those interested in delving deeper, Kate's book “You Might Die Tomorrow” lays out a path toward living a life enriched with immediacy and meaning. Each page turns the concept of death from a distant, abstract fear into a present, vivifying force, compelling us to make the most of the time we have. To connect with Kate and explore more about living a life aware of its end, visit and follow her on social media under the handle @thealivekate.

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How to Identify the Seeds of Negative Energy and Release Them

Daniel Mirfield discusses the importance of identifying and releasing, negative energy, in ourselves and others. He emphasizes the role of nature in healing and the need to connect with our intuition, stay grounded, and react from a place of peace and love. By recognizing and releasing negative energy, we can find, inner peace, and transform our lives.

Welcome back to the Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life radio, podcast, and television show. I'm your host, Life coach Myrna Young. Today, we have a special guest, Daniel Mirfield, the author of “Seedling: The Journey to Inner Peace.” In this episode, we will be discussing how to identify the seeds of, negative energy, and release them. Negative energy, can have a profound impact on our lives, affecting our physical and, mental well-being. It is essential to learn how to recognize and release these negative energies to live a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

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About the Guest

Daniel Mirfield is a renowned, energy healer, and mentor who channels the power of nature to help his clients heal and recover from stress. He is the author of “Seedling: The Journey to Inner Peace,” a book that combines ancient wisdom with modern times to help navigate and overcome challenging moments.

Understanding the source of negative energy

Daniel teaches that we can identify, negative energy, in ourselves and others and learn how to release it. He emphasizes the importance of understanding that the energies including, negative energy, we absorb are not just from our immediate surroundings but can also be inherited from past family members and traumatic experiences. By recognizing and addressing these, negative energies, we can break free from their control and live a life aligned with our true selves.

One of the key aspects of, releasing negative energy, is connecting with nature. Daniel channels the power of nature to help his clients heal and recover from stress. He believes that nature holds the answers to our healing and can help us navigate even the most challenging moments. By immersing ourselves in nature, we can ground ourselves, listen to our intuition, and find peace and love in the present moment.

Podmust Transform Your Mind podcast
Podmust Transform Your Mind podcast

How to release negative energy

To release, negative energy, Daniel suggests grounding ourselves and placing ourselves in a position of love. This can be done by walking barefoot, talking to trees, or simply being present in nature. By connecting with nature, we activate our feelings and senses, allowing us to release, negative energy, and embrace the healing power of the natural world.

In addition to connecting with nature, Daniel emphasizes the importance of meditation and self-reflection. He believes that meditation is a practice that can help us cultivate, inner peace, and connect with our, spiritual guides. By creating a space for self-reflection and meditation, we can clear our minds and open ourselves up to receive messages from our, spiritual guides. This practice allows us to tap into our, higher consciousness, and receive guidance and wisdom.

book seedling Journey to inner peace
book seedling Journey to inner peace

The journey to inner peace

Daniel's book, “Seedling: The Journey to Inner Peace,” is a practical guide to help readers identify and, release negative energy. It explores topics such as balancing energies, understanding triggers and addictions, and healing family DNA. The book is a channelled guide from Daniel's, spiritual guides, and offers insights and wisdom to help readers on their own journey to, inner peace.

Here are 3 ways to balance your energy 
  1. Change food intake. Either increasing or decreasing food intake changes how much energy a person is taking in.
  2. Change their amount of structured exercise. …
  3. Change their non-exercise activity.



In conclusion, identifying and releasing, negative energy, is essential for our overall well-being and happiness. By connecting with nature, practicing meditation, and embracing self-reflection, we can, release negative energy, and, cultivate inner peace. Daniel's book, “Seedling: The Journey to Inner Peace,” offers practical guidance and wisdom to help readers on their own path to healing and self-discovery. By embracing these practices and connecting with our true selves, we can live a life filled with love, harmony, and peace.


How To Reset Your Nervous System with Mindfulness

In this blog post, Craig Goldberg, shares how mindfulness can help you reset your nervous system. By using, vibroacoustic therapy, you can achieve a deeper sense of inner calmness and calm your mind. If you're feeling stressed out or anxious, mindfulness combined with sound vibration can help you to reset your nervous system from the sympathetic response to, parasympathetic response.

This podcast episode will teach you some mindfulness hacks that shortcut the meditation process and reset your nervous system. After watching this video, you'll be able to reset your nervous system and feel more at peace using, vibroacoustic therapy.

Download the podcast here:

Reset your nervous system with Vibroacoustic Therapy

Myrna: My guest today is Craig Goldberg. Craig is a relaxation expert and we're going to be talking on the topic how to reset your nervous system with mindfulness. Mindfulness is big for me and that's one of the reasons I invited Craig on the show. 

I'm reading the book The Power of the Now by Eckhart Tolle so I am heavily into mindfulness.  Let me give you a brief intro. Craig Goldberg is a relaxation expert and technologist on a quest to help Humanity achieve a deeper sense of inner calmness through the use of sound and vibration technology. He is a, vibroacoustic therapy, practitioner and his work is backed by 40 plus years of research showing the many benefits of this type of therapy.  

He is also a patented inventor constantly exploring new ways to use sound and vibration to help people reduce stress and anxiety, heal and transform their lives for the better. Craig is passionate about his work and truly believes in its ability to provide a path towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Mindfulness and vibroacoustic therapy

I started off by saying I'm very much into mindfulness. I've had lots of guests on the show talking about mindfulness. I've had lots of guests in the show talk about meditation and the nervous system but I've never had a guest that talked about combining vibration and, Vibroacoustic therapy. Craig can you share your journey into this path and how did you marry the two disciplines together. 

Craig: I'm a club kid from New York City, that means I like standing in front of a stack of speakers and feeling the bass all night. When I was a kid and that translated into electronic music and dance and house music and melodic house and that sort of thing. I love feeling the music and and I think that resonates with just about everybody on the planet.  

The technology that's inside our furniture is called a tactile transducer otherwise known as a base Shaker inside there is a magnet that magnet is oscillating back and forth a certain number of oscillations per second is a certain hertz frequency so 20 Hertz oscillates that magnet 20 times per second.  It creates vibration, that vibration transfers directly to your body. There's an entire body of research that guides and talks about this technology. A gentleman by the name of Olaf's began to research specific frequencies and their impact on our body on our physiology, on our Neurology, on our Anatomy, and on our organs.

 What he found is that specifically focusing on 30 Hertz to 120 hertz has a profound impact to calm and relax the nervous system to send messages to every muscle in the body telling it to relax to increase lymphatic drainage, to increase or decrease recovery time, increase our ability to recover faster between workouts. So I  found this Magic Carpet Ride if you will in this sound lounge and I became absolutely enamored. The human ear picks up frequencies between 20 Hertz and 20 000 Hertz so 20 000 Hertz obviously being very much on the High Spectrum.

How vibroacoustic therapy works

Vibroacoustic therapy, focuses on 30 Hertz to 120 hertz to further dial that in, that subwoofer that you have in your home stereo system is typically 80 Hertz and below so we're talking about very low frequencies.  We're talking about bass, we're talking about vibration.  In fact once you get above 100 Hertz you're no longer feeling that frequency, you are hearing it and the reason we feel it is because of these mechanoreceptors that are in our skin that send triggers to the to the brain and that's actually the mechanism of action that's how, vibroacoustic therapy, works.

Vibroacoustic is vibration and sound vibro vibration acoustic is sound so this body of research, vibroacoustic therapy, is really just talking about vibration and sound and its impact on our body.  What we found over the last six years of doing this is that when we start doing brain tests brainwave entrainment tests that music harmonizes the brain and brings you into that meditative state, that alpha or Theta brainwave State and has a profound impact on the rest of your body.  We teach people how to meditate through sound and vibration, we teach them by guiding or distracting their brain by the music.  So our music is very specifically made, it has deep bass notes that are drawn out these long drone notes that entrains the body.

Myrna: Let's talk about the difference between mindfulness and, mindfulness meditation, and meditation  because I think they're three different things. 

Craig:  Mindfulness for me  is simply the practice of being mindful of being aware of the impact that your persona, your physical body is having on the world around you.  Now meditation for me  is slowing down,  it's allowing the thoughts to flow through.  Just allowing the thoughts to flow through your head that means that your your brain is always thinking.  This was a big aha moment for me, your brain doesn't know how to do anything else except think; so the thoughts are always going to be there. 

When I first set out to meditate, I thought it was like clear your mind, think of nothing and now I'm just thinking about thinking of nothing and then all the stuff I want to think about starts to come in and it's just one big distraction. No meditation is about just allowing the thoughts to flow, you want to dwell on something and see it through by all means do it.  

Mindfulness meditation and sound vibration

Mindfulness meditation, which could be staring at a flame, it could be a mantra or something that you're repeating, it could be an “I am” statement two most powerful words in the English language. I am because whatever follows it you are.  I am powerful, I am strong, I am loved, I am safe, brought up a little emotion.  These are really powerful and a great mantra for you to come back to to remind the brain that you are all these amazing things. 

So, mindfulness meditation, is where our music meditations fall in because sound and vibration is guiding Your Body Mind and Spirit.  It is distracting your mind and guiding your mind so your mind is focusing on that meditation.  I equate that very much to a mantra or to a staring at a flame or listening to a, guided meditation.  I see, mindfulness meditation, as a whole it becomes really powerful.  

Myrna: When you talk about mindfulness,  I have a different word for that.  For instance, I do a, mindfulness meditation, that's only 10 minutes but it's powerful.  It's talking about can you feel the blood pumping through your veins, do you feel the temperature of the room,  do you feel how your body presses into the seat. 

Craig:  I mentioned as part of, mindfulness meditation, 100 so there's a part of our brain called the reticular activator system and it's what filters out the world if you will our brain processes four billion stimuli per second, the unconscious mind four billion stimuli per second, the conscious mind four!  Since our conscious brain can only handle four things at once, it blocks out the other three billion 996 000. I'll give you a great example, you're shopping for a Ford pickup truck and all of a sudden you see Ford pickup trucks everywhere. 

A mindfulness meditation

So, mindfulness meditation, helps you to break down that barrier.  We don't walk around feeling your clothing but when you are doing, mindfulness meditation, you become aware of the brush of clothing against your skin or the blood coursing through your veins. 

 When I'm doing, mindfulness meditation, on my, meditation cushion, or, sound lounge, there are two tactile transducers and the headphones are plugged into the amplifier that's in the back so the vibrations are coming straight up your back, so you're listening to the same things that you're feeling and this creates a three-dimensional fully immersive sound experience that makes you feel as though you're inside the music. 

This creates that mild stress that triggers the chemical cascades associated with calm and relax.  We are literally shaking every single cell in your body and your body reacts to that by releasing different hormones like serotonin and dopamine.  Our sound lounge is a mattress that you lay on, there's a base that's underneath the two and the amplifiers. 

There's four tactile transducers inside that bed and it feels like you're on a rocket ship.  I call it the Magic Carpet Ride and then we have a third product which is designed specifically for massage therapy to add vibro acoustic therapy or vibration therapy to massage. Chiropractic acupuncture acupressure is a very soothing and beautiful experience. 

Myrna: I definitely gonna gonna try your app and start meditating with it.  Tell us about your company, we've talked about the, meditation cushion, and sound lounge, tell us about your YouTube channel and where people can find you on social media. 

Vibroacoustic sound meditation

Craig: I'm really about optimal Human Performance, I'm really about human optimization and all that is is a fancy word for giving you the best opportunity to be the best possible human being every single day. I want high levels of energy, I want high levels of focus, I want to be a great father, I want to be a great leader in my community, I want to give back.  In order to do that, I need strength, I need energy, I need brain capacity. I need all these different things and I'm on a mission to teach people exactly how they can get the most out of life, how they can squeeze the most juice out of that orange and really captivate and move mountains.

 For me, vibroacoustic therapy, is a big part of that so we've built obviously an entire business around that called In Harmony Interactive. I understand that our products are an investment. We want more and more people to have access to this technology which is why the app is so accessible and so approachable.  You'll find us on all the socials media sites, our website is 

Myrna: I love  the vibration and the music tie to meditation and mindfulness.

Additional Resources

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