high functioning drug addiction

Understanding High-Functioning Drug Addiction and Its Hidden Signs

Drug addiction, is often shrouded in mystery and misconception, particularly when it comes to, high-functioning addicts – individuals who maintain a facade of normality while battling a dependency. This complex issue demands a closer look, not only to lift the veil on the reality of, high-functioning addiction, but also to provide guidance on how to support loved ones grappling with this invisible struggle.

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Key Takeaways:
  • High-functioning addicts, can maintain professional success and social relationships while concealing their, substance abuse.
  • Recognizing addiction in oneself or others often requires an honest evaluation of dependency and its effects on daily functioning.
  • Effective support for addicts involves a balance of love and boundaries without enabling destructive behaviors.

About the Guest:

Michaela K. Canterbury is both an established lawyer and a writer. Licensed to practice law in Alaska, she serves as the owner, operator, and lead trial lawyer at Kelly and Canterbury LLC, alongside her husband, Christopher. Michaela also holds the role of an author with her notable work titled “Sister Siren: A Field Guide and How to Love an Addict,” a book delving into addiction and providing guidance on navigating relationships with addicts. She resides in Eagle River, Alaska, where she has cultivated her family and career in the valley and woods that she herself grew up in.

Book Sister Siren A Non Fiction about Drug Addiction
Book Sister Siren A Non Fiction about Drug Addiction

The Facade of Functionality in drug Addiction

High-functioning addicts, walk a tightrope of maintaining professional and social responsibilities while secretly succumbing to, substance abuse. The dichotomy between their outward success and private battles often makes it challenging to spot the, signs of addiction. Understanding this dichotomy is vital in acknowledging and addressing the problem before it escalates.

“We're talking about high functioning until they're not. And then they realize they're high performing.”

This statement from the Michaela K Canterbury encapsulates the paradox of, high-functioning addiction: individuals are able to perform at a high level until they reach a point where they cannot without their substance of choice. It's at this critical juncture that the signs become noticeable – erratic behavior, missed deadlines, disheveled appearance, and a desperate reliance on substances to get through the day.

The transformation from functional to dysfunctional can be both startling and subtle—an enigma in the realm of addiction.

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Identifying Internal Triggers and Recognizing Drug Addiction

The road to recognizing, drug addiction, often begins with a moment of self-awareness, where individuals realize their dependency on substances has become a crutch for dealing with life’s challenges.

“…what you're saying is that people that don't know that they're an addict just think that, hey, I'm just recreational and that they've got it under control.”

Society's casual acceptance of certain drugs as a means to enhance performance or relieve stress can obscure the line between recreational use and, drug addiction. It’s not just about losing control; it’s about the subtleteeness with which dependency enters and takes hold of one’s life.

For some, including the story of Michaela's sister as shared on the podcast, her sister's, drug addiction, begins in adolescence through prescription medication. This early exposure can diminish one’s ability to recognize dependency, making it a normalized part of existence. The evolution from pain management to, drug addiction, is a critical area requiring vigilant monitoring and constant re-evaluation of medication needs and effects.

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Supporting Addicts with Love and Limits

Loving someone with a, drug addiction, is a delicate dance of support and tough love. The key is to assist without enabling, to express care without exacerbating the addiction.

“Don't sign contracts with them… Don't have expectations… step in with love with what you can do.”

Direct quotations from the interview underscore the importance of setting boundaries while maintaining a supportive stance. Providing necessities rather than cash, making time for meaningful interactions, and avoiding co-dependency are ways to help while safeguarding one’s own well-being.

Michaela's experience offers practical guidance: creating a loving environment infused with structure and discipline can chart a path toward healing for both the addict and those who care for them. Navigating this journey requires clarity of intent and an understanding of when to step back – an approach that facilitates recovery without fostering reliance.

In reaffirming these principles, we see the transformative power of a well-structured support system in the fight against, drug addiction. It’s not just about saving the addict; it’s about preserving relationships and promoting a sustainable recovery.

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The phenomena of, high-functioning addiction, is layered and multifaceted. At its core, it's a warning about the dangers of complacency in recognizing substance dependency and other addictions like, sex addiction, gambling addiction, or even addiction to tobacco.  It emphasizes the paradox that even those who appear to have it all can struggle deeply. For friends and family, the lesson is clear: be vigilant, be supportive, but also be aware of your own limits. The delicate art of loving an addict involves a dance between empathy and autonomy, care and boundaries, and, above all, an unwavering commitment to seeking a balance that fosters true healing.

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Loving A Drug Addict Family Member

It's very difficult, especially for parents. There's unconditional love in the parental relationship, In most parental relationships. And my mom really thought she was helping. And I also need to caveat this with, now we're way out. Now. My mom suffers from Alzheimer's. We think, in hindsight, that that was beginning to present itself when my sister was in active addiction. So my really thought she was helping.

My sister would say, I need money for my medication. I'm between jobs. So when she would be between jobs, unable to hold a job, she would work at a coffee shop or whatever, and my mom be like, okay, and give her the money for her medication, not knowing the medication was heroin and meth.  Thinking that it's her medication for ADHD or whatever, it doesn't matter. And that ended up evolving into my mom enabling my sister's, drug addiction.

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