“How to Release the Issues you Hold in Your Tissues”

How to release the issues you are holding in your tissues
How to release the issues you are holding in your tissues

Today on the Mindset “Transformation radio show and podcast with Coach Myrna,” I interview coach Michelle Alva. Michelle is a Physical Therapist and Vibrational Healer and she teaches us today “How to release the issues you hold in your tissues, so that sex does not hurt”
Michelle explains how she helps her clients heal using the ALVA method of vibrational healing.

Michelle tells the story of how she helped one of her clients over the phone who had painful sex for decades, release the stuff she was holding in her tissues, and then had 85% less pain after their session!

Michelle herself was sexually abused in her first sexual experience at the age of 14 and had painful sex until she was in her 40’s. She learned how to release her issues in her tissues and not blame herself for what happened.

We tend to carry shame around all our lives for something someone did to us when we were children!

She tells another story of one of her clients who was 70 years old and was still carrying around shame because a priest fondled her at age 3 and then her uncle touched her inappropriately again when she was 7 years old. These incidences prevented her from enjoying sex for most of her life.

So, it is important that if you are reading this and sex hurts, that you trace back to the root of WHY.
Awareness is the key to finding release.

Here is a question asked on Bustle.com about why sex hurts

Q: I was having sex with my boyfriend the other day and while he was inside me my vagina started hurting a lot. Like a lot. I had to stop immediately because the pain was so bad, and I’m really worried there’s something wrong with me. A penis can’t, like, break your vagina, right?

So what causes pain during sex? It can actually be a bunch of things — some totally easy to fix, and others a bit more involved.
Let’s check out the main culprits.

This article lists 11 of reasons.
# 11 is the one we are speaking about in this interview.

Culprit #11: You’re Dealing With A Mental Issue

The final culprit isn’t a physical one at all. Sometimes the pain we feel in our body comes from our mind, which doesn’t make it any less real. Some research shows that if you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, or fear, it can inhibit you from getting turned on enough to be slippery enough to feel good when you have sex. Also, there is some understanding within the health community that if you have a history of sexual abuse, it may contribute to pain during sex.

Read the full article here:

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