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How to Get Rid of Your Fat Cells with Liposuction

With, liposuction, you're not losing fat alone. You don't lose fat alone. You're losing water weight and poop and inflammation and salt. You're losing pure fat cells and that's permanent.  Adults do not make back fat cells, so when you suck out your fat cells, they do not grow back. It is permanent.

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Dr Gregory has had 16 years of experience as a board-certified Emergency Medicine physician. Through her extensive training, she has developed a passion for patient advocacy, holistic wellbeing, weight loss, fitness, and cosmetic procedures. She has discovered how to transform into the best version of herself, and she is now ready to walk this journey with her patients by engaging in life-changing activities focused on the synergy of the mind, body, and soul.

She can empathize with her patients, and carefully customize a journey with each one of them, based on their needs. Dr. Gregory shows how a person can heal when they are treated holistically. Dr. Gregory cares for patients with passion and motivation for wellness, patients looking for a physician with unparalleled bedside manner, and patients ready to commit to transforming their lives.

Myrna: Tell us how you became a plastic surgeon

Dr Bilge: My story starts when I was working in the emergency room; I had a problem getting a good night sleep, so my primary care doctor prescribed a sleep aide that wasn't addictive, but it was prescription strength. She prescribed me a medicine. What happened ultimately was when, in September of 2015, I was getting ready to work a shift the very next morning at 6am and I was had taken my medicine the night before. About an hour after I had I found myself face down in a dark in my dark living room, in a pool of blood. I didn't know it was blood because it was dark. I got up and I went to the bathroom and my entire face was crushed.

Myrna: I guess you blacked out blacked out I'm assuming.

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CBDistillery product line
CBDistillery product line

Life events leading to plastic surgery

Dr Bilge: Exactly right. I didn't know at the moment, but obviously, in hindsight, what we discovered was my heart had stopped from medicine. When your heart stops, it's not like a fainting spell where you're dizzy and then you fall and usually your hands block your fall. I had what they call a drop attack. So essentially, I went from upright to face down.  I must have been sleepwalking. I crushed my skull in four places. I had fractures in my forehead, my orbit my nose. I had lacerations, I was concussed, and I was essentially a vegetable for a period of time, especially in the beginning. I spent some time in the ICU, and then about a month later, I was right back in the ER.

Myrna: Wow I really understand why you became a, plastic surgeon.

Dr Bilge: All right, so that was one big wake up call. And I can honestly say I was already starting to have these Inklings or intuitions about my career in life. Because the burnout was real, and I wasn't ready to accept that. I had been forewarned that that was a potential for many ER doctors, but I just thought I would be able to avoid that kind of consequence, but I wasn't able to obviously. So, the burnout got worse.

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Less than a year later, I was again working in the emergency department. I was actually at home when I first developed a pain in my neck. And it was within 24 hours while I was working my shift in the emergency department, the pain started to migrate down my arm to the point where I felt like I had a broken shoulder, and I was like what is this? And it went into my fingers. So, it wasn't a sudden rupture like my disk had literally popped out and compress my nerves in that timeframe. So, it was like a heart attack with my arm.

Myrna:  Wow because the symptoms of a heart attack is pain in your arm right

Dr Bilge: Yeah, but it wasn't my heart. It was my nerve. So ultimately, they did an MRI of my neck, and they found that my disc must have been weakened from the injury the year before and now was pinching my nerve.

The pain was so bad, they were literally trying to put me on unconscious to try to suppress the pain. When a nerve is in pinch, it's not like a heart attack, blood flow or nerve flow is impinged quickly. There's really no comparable pain on this planet to it. I ended up having emergency surgery to have part of my disc removed and pushed back in place. Thankfully nothing fused. So, I have good mobility, but I almost lost all function of my arm.

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moonlight apparel plus-size-designer
moonlight apparel plus-size-designer

Introduction to high-definition liposuction

Myrna: Did your nerve regenerate?

Dr Bilge: Yes, it did, but it took me months. Then I went through another life trauma and decided to find another career. A friend of mine learned how to do, high-definition liposuction. In the meantime, when he was out doing his thing, and he's like, I can teach you that and I'm thinking, are you serious? Is this a possibility? So, these are the life events that led to becoming a, plastic surgeon.

Myrna: I want to ask you a question. You said that you couldn't sleep. So, the doctor gave you something and that's what happened. So, is melatonin safe? Because they're saying that, melatonin, is actually very good for you and I take, melatonin. So, is that like the only safe sleeping aid?

Dr Bilge: I actually don't consider it a good sleep aid. Because it's naturally formed in our body and taking external, melatonin, you're actually suppressing your own body's ability to create it. So no, I don't consider that as a sleep option.

Myrna: Okay, is there any good options for someone that's reading this? Because, you know, they say that in America 70% of people can't sleep. And that came out when Michael Jackson had his problem because he couldn't sleep, and they said that 70% of Americans can't sleep. Now doctors prescribe, melatonin. But you're right. You're messing with your, circadian rhythm, but if your, circadian rhythm, is off and you can't sleep, what should people do?

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That my Brother That's my brudda clothing line
That my Brother That's my brudda clothing line

Plastic surgery liposuction

Dr Bilge: There's no simple answer for that. And I personally have the thought that other than specifically vitamins, I would always work on people's methods of sleep through, mind body techniques.

Myrna: What kind of, plastic surgery, do you do? I know that you said something about, liposuction. You talked about injectables and all that. So, are you a full body, Plastic Surgeon? Are you just working with the face? So. tell us what kind of, plastic surgery, you do.

Dr Bilge: As a, plastic surgeon, I don't perform, plastic surgery, techniques such as, tummy tucks, and, breast lifts or, breast augmentation. Those do require more training. What I specifically do, like my bread and butter is the, high-definition liposuction, with a technology called, Fun sculpting, which has a very interesting term. But the reason it's unique is it's the only type of, liposuction, that will not rip, cut, tear, or kill tissue.

Transform your Mind Stitcher
Transform your Mind Stitcher

I talk with my patients about the differences between, different types of, liposuction, and most people know the classic, liposuction, as what's offered in the United States, that's about over 90% of what's available. And it's unfortunate because it's really old technology, and it's exactly what you see on TV, that brutal arm movement of the doctor.

It's a vacuum on a stick, and it's really not ideal for a variety of body parts because it can destroy the tissue underneath, which is what I mean when I say rip, cut, tear when you're making those powerful arm movements with a cannula. You're literally pushing through the tissue in a forceful manner and causing destruction of those fibers that hold the skin to the muscle. I talk to my patients about myself. I'm a guinea pig. I've had, liposuction, myself twice.  The first time the old school way not knowing that the other ways existed.

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Difference between high-definition liposuction and traditional liposuction

To be clear and honest is not necessarily their bread and butter. They don't want to do the traditional, liposuction, because it's labor intensive. On it takes more time to get the job done. So, they're thinking, why not make the same amount of money doing the, tummy tuck, in two hours as opposed to, liposuction, that would take four hours.

The other cool selling point of this particular technology the, high-definition liposuction, is that I can do the, liposuction, in areas that most doctors say it's not a good place to do it, because the machine vibrates. It's like a sewing machine and it allows me for me to go in areas that otherwise would have required surgery. I can do great job with the fat on the arm. I can do a great job with bellies. In fact, I'm not really sure if you've ever heard of what a Panis is, but a panacea is when you have an abdomen that flaps over.

Myrna: So how does, high-definition liposuction, work? Does it suck out the fat or freeze the fat?

Dr Bilge: Oh, it does suck it out. It does suck it, but the technology is vibratory, so it let get me into tissue without pushing. So, I'm not destroying. If you were to look at me doing the surgery, I look like any other lipo surgeon except for my hands are not pushing really hard. That's the difference. I'm not ramming a vacuum I am gently pushing.

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What is CoolSculpting

I hate, CoolSculpting, I'm not that kind of person who beat around the bush with opinions.

Myrna: So, is CoolSculpting, cheaper?

Dr Bilge: No, that's the problem. CoolSculpting, is a quote non-surgical way of killing fat, but there's no guarantee of the percentage of fat you're gonna lose. So, you sit there, and you pay something in the 1000s for a maybe.  There's no way I would ever tell somebody that's the way to go. You want to know that fat is falling away. I've had people come to me and tell me they've spent $10,000 plus dollars for, CoolSculpting, and got maybe 10 to 15% fat loss: that's not a valuable project.

With, liposuction, you're not losing fat along. You don't lose fat alone. When you're losing weight. You're losing water weight and poop and inflammation and salt. That's what when you're losing pure fat cells and that permanent.  Adults do not make back fat cells, so when you suck out your fat cells, they do not grow back. It is permanent.

Myrna: I heard that so thank you for confirming that.

Dr Bilge: That is why childhood obesity is a big issue, right? Because if you children are born with let's, say 5 million fat cells, and you overfeed a child, you will create 10 million fat cells and the child is going to fight that for the rest of their life. But as an adult it's different. So, this is what I tell my patients, you make your size, I make your shape.

Podbean Transform your Mind Podcast

I was a perfect example. I show pictures of my body. I had gained almost 40 pounds. I was feeling that emotional stuff. That stuff I was telling you about. It was a few years after my injury, I was almost 150 pounds and these images I have, but you would never think that because I still had the hourglass figure, and I had no love handle.

Because again, my shape was the same. It was just a bigger version of me. So that's something that that's really helpful for people is, you know, let's say you have love handles that you can't stand or saddlebags. Once those get suctioned out, they're gone forever. You can still gain weight, but it's gonna go all over your body in all the other places in the same shape.

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TuneIn Radio

Metaphysical life hacks for transformation

Myrna: So, you also have some, metaphysical life hacks, which is definitely what we want to talk about. What are those, tell us about that?

Dr Bilge: Oh, I'm basically through all of the experiences I've had over the last few years I've really started homing in on, personal development, and I've started steering away from a lot of the allopathic medicine. I used to feel like there was a pill for everything and now I'm like, there's no pill for nothing. Because I started doing more research in the scientific realm, from scientists who started understanding the, mind body connection, but also using their scientific background to show the science. So, two examples I can give you are, you are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza. And the Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton.

Google Podcast Transform Your Mind
Google Podcast Transform Your Mind

I have a new understanding of, quantum physics, and the fact that things can change in a quantum nanosecond, and that matter really isn't matter. It's really just little vibrating tornadoes of energy, that you can shift matter in such a way that you can heal with the mind. So, I became a perfect example of that. One example would be peptic ulcer disease. I had peptic ulcer disease or acid reflux in my stomach from age 16. Up until about three years ago, literally, I'm cured of the disease. How not because I took pills for 25 years, which I did.

It was because I learned about my energy center in my stomach and what I was dealing with emotionally.  I was creating that and once I was cured out of it, I was starting to meditate myself into my own healing. In hindsight, when you're asking about metaphysical anatomy, I share this book with people it's called Metaphysical Anatomy. And you literally read a diagnosis such as peptic ulcer disease and the emotional disorders that are associated with that. And it was like I was reading my diary, like I have read like somebody had written my childhood and my early adulthood in that chapter. And it made so much sense in my mind, but because at that point, I was cured.  I shifted my thoughts and changed my life.

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AHA moments with coach KA podcast
AHA moments with coach KA podcast

Self-healing with meditation

Myrna: I agree, I got rid of my, sciatica nerve pain, by just breathing into it meditating and relaxing.

Dr Bilge: Your sciatic nerve is in your, root chakra, just so you know. So, the root chakra, is where the base of all things, so it's like your tribal history, your history of ancestors. It's about money. It's about power, and it's about sex. So, if any of those areas in your life are impacted, then those root chakra areas will be impacted. Mine was a, self-empowerment, thing. So, it was my solar plexus self-power.

Okay, so, that whole thing about what I told you being separated from my parents, it was during that time that I started on creating more self-power, because I realized I had grown up becoming a people pleaser. I was becoming a more authentic version of myself and swallowing those parts of me that weren't being received well and becoming a performer.

Transform Your Mind Podcast Pandora
Transform Your Mind Podcast Pandora

Myrna: Whatever you stuff down is still in there and shows up when triggered.

Dr Bilge: Exactly, So it's still right back up. So as soon as I started addressing the problem directly, like you said, then the system started improving. So that's what we do when patients come here for consultations, because really, this is not just about your body image. It's not just about having a few fat cells extra in your armpit or whatever. It's not about that. It's about the self-sabotage, right?

You look in the mirror and judging the constant thoughts in your head that are self-sabotaging. And what do you do with that you translate that energy out into the world. And so, you're literally thinking about how fat your tummy is. And that energy is constant. It's the butterfly effect. You're constantly putting that out. And I say to people, this isn't just about the, liposuction. This is about how you think about yourself.

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clear the fear With Jenny Mannion
Clear the fear With Jenny Mannion

Here is the link for the class: https://jennymannion.com/clear-the-fear/ or you may use: http://clearthefear.net/ or http://clearthefearcourse.com

Liposuction post care

Myrna: How is your, liposuction post care, different from other post operative treatments?

Dr Bilge: So, when it comes to, liposuction, there are a few countries in the world that are extremely well versed and experienced for example Colombia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Mexico is pretty big. Their procedures are better because of the level of experience and it's just the thing that people do out there. In the US people smirk or scoff at cosmetic surgery because there's more of a stereotype associated with it, etc. Whereas in countries like that, it's just part of their journey. Like if you didn't have it, you're the weird one.

So, they go they have their, liposuction surgery, and then in the recovery house, they have nurses and postdoc care technicians doing, lymphatic drainage, they do needle aspiration of extra fluid. Once they're healed enough, they do wooden tool. They've got machines like radio frequency, ultrasound, carboxy therapy. All of those things take a bit to explain, but let's just say it's a whole complement of equipment, and treatment options for patients once they'd have, liposuction surgery.

I would equate it to having physical therapy after you have a knee replacement. You certainly wouldn't skip out on that. So, when you do procedure that's cosmetic, specifically, liposuction, is a real important one. There's a lot of swelling involved because you have to fill their tissue with fluid in order to extract the fat. The swelling can cause scar tissue and a hardening etc. That all has to be addressed Postoperatively so the surgery does most of the work, but you still need to get in there and optimize your results.

So, what I did was flew my staff out to the east coast and we were trained by Colombian nurses, how to take care of post op label patients in the way they do.

You can head over to vitalconnectionsmd.com to see our work.

I spend a lot of my time putting content out on Instagram. My handle is at Vital_connection_MD

Additional Resources

How to use Food for Beauty and Your Natural Facelift | Transform Your Mind Podcast (myhelps.us)


How to use Food for Beauty and Your Natural Facelift

Food, plays a major role in, beauty,  not only because it helps us reduce, stress, but it feeds us vitamins and minerals that can stimulate our, collagen. My whole approach to, skin care, is how do we purge the mind, the body and the skin from, stress and have a natural, facelift?

Gregory Landsman is one of the most noted global, beauty, and wellness experts in the world. He is the best-selling author of nine books, and a TV host who specializes in using food as a natural, facelift. Often referred to as ‘The Beauty Advisor’, Gregory’s books and global TV program “Face Lifting Food” show viewers how to create quick skin-boosting meals and powerful skin treatments using everyday foods to achieve younger, healthier looking skin at any age. Having worked in the, beauty, industry for 30+ years Gregory believes that looking youthful goes well beyond waging war on wrinkles: and that how we age is 100% controllable. His natural, face lifting, methods are used globally by models, shown in universities, and recommended by doctors. Gregory is a strong voice for inclusion. From Apartheid South Africa to working at the height of the fashion industry, and his fundamental discovery that regardless of what we do, how we look cannot be separated from how we feel.

Listen to the full interview here: 


Introduction to Becoming a Beauty Expert

Myrna – Tell us your journey to becoming a, beauty, and wellness expert as well as authoring nine books.

Gregory – I think our life journey takes us where we need to go regardless of where we start. My journey to understanding the concept of, beauty, started from a young age. I was born in South Africa at the height of the apartheid system. Many people say that the country you are born in shapes the quality of the human being and your character.

In my case I have strong views on skin, because from an early age I knew that the color of my skin, the texture of my hair and the width of my nose would determine my level of freedom. My quality of life and before I even got to school, I could read park bench signs – whites only or the public toilets or having to listen to my mum saying could you please hold going to the bathroom until we got home because you can't use that toilet.

We've got to stop with the judgments, we've got to stop with the labels. I was a child that was beaten and spat on daily by the time I got to school for my differences. I had lost all belief in who I was as a child, but I was able to put myself back together. We shifted to Australia and my mum became a model and I followed in her footsteps and that's how I entered into the, beauty, Industry.

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Transform Your Mind Podcast Addict
Transform Your Mind Podcast Addict

Beauty comes from the inside

Myrna – Your story is really interesting. When you were growing up you probably had a negative opinion of yourself and then you became a model and a, beauty expert. Did that shift the way you viewed yourself?

Gregory – I still walked around with insecurities and fears  and I still felt like that broken kid. That's why I firmly believe that what is on the inside shows up on the outside. My grandma said something that goes to the heart of, beauty.

She said you know boy, God gives us all five minutes of grace and we can wow people with our fancy smiles and our cute little nose; but after your five minutes, the truth of who you are emerges and nothing can hide that.


The definition of Beauty

I utilize the acronym of, beauty:

B – is for balance. It is the balance of inner virtues that radiates outwardly. It's what ultimately shapes our, beauty, and our lives.

E – the ease for enthusiasm, to show enthusiasm for who we are and all aspects of who we are.

A – is for acceptance, accepting ourselves as a whole without isolating or fragmenting, beauty, to certain physical characteristics.

U – is for understanding that when we are born, we are born whole and beautiful and along the way we have been educated to doubt what we were given. If we have the ability to create insecurity, we have the ability to eliminate it.

T – is for trust, learning to trust in who we are and what we represent in this world, and the wisdom that you possess.

Y- You possess, beauty, if you can see it in a much more expansive way, other than just physical, beauty. It is not about masculinity, it's not about femininity, it's about humanity and celebrating the divine differences we all bring to this world.

That is the foundation that my work is based on, because I believe that is where it starts. It starts on the inside and then we can take care of the skin that houses the spirit, we take care of our, beauty.

It is not a line that ages a woman, it is her energy. Her energy gives her a natural, facelift.

Beauty and Aging

When a woman begins to lose her self-belief and her strong sense of what she represents in this world, she begins to age. I know women who are 85 years old, I call them ageless, because it's not about their age, it's about their energy and they're beautiful.

How to Get a Natural Facelift
The Beauty of a Natural Facelift

Gregory – Myrna you're ageless, you've got vitality and beauty, it's your beautiful energy. It is infectious and give you a natural, facelift.

Myrna – Thank you, I do have a lot of good energy and I feel good about myself and I laugh a lot. I am thinking this is because I have good genes and because I followed a, skin care, regiment since the age of 18 years old. When I was 18 years old, I became a model and learnt, skin care. I have kept that, skin care routine, of cleanse, tone and moisturize for over 3 decades. I have also done facials over the years to give my face a, facelift.

Gregory – When we're speaking about cleanse, tone and moisturize, that is all the stuff of forgive, learn, laugh that's how we're constantly cleansing internally and that is a natural, facelift. We are letting stuff go and the more we let go, the younger we look.

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Transform Your Mind Pocket Casts
Transform Your Mind Pocket Casts

Aging of the Skin is a natural process

I never look at, skin, in isolation or a wrinkle, it's much more on a holistic level. Aging is a natural process of life, and it is something that I welcome; but, premature skin aging, we can seriously do something about that.

The skin, it never lies.

  • It will tell you the food you're eating or not eating,
  • You skin will tell you your breathing patterns,
  • Highlights the lack of water, or lack of sleep.
  • All of these things play a major role in our skin and, beauty.

Food, plays a major role in, healthy skin,  not only because it helps us reduce, stress, but it feeds us vitamins and minerals that can stimulate our, collagen and give us a, facelift. My whole my whole approach to, skin care, is how do we purge the mind, the body and the skin from, stress?

We do that with, food, we purge with good breathing, we do it with, face exercises, and a little, face massage. We have to purge the body from, stress, because, stress, is what ages the skin. When we are stressed, we make less, collagen, and as we age it also decreases. Constant, stress, accelerates this whole process.

Transform Your Mind Podcast Player FM
Transform Your Mind Podcast Player FM

Aging Skin and Stress

If the, stress hormone, cortisol, is raging, you are aging prematurely. We want to get, cortisol, under control and we can do it with, food, and breath. Cortisol, is responsible when if you can't sleep, that means you have too much of it in your body.

Stress, and, cortisol, impacts the production of our, collagen, and it creates chaos with our skin. It also creates chaos in our lives, when we don't feel good, we don't look good either.

Myrna – You mentioned that, sleep, is really important when it comes to your, skin care routine, people often refer to it as, beauty sleep.

What people don't know is that when we, sleep, we activate the, human growth hormone, which strengthens the skin. It creates a thicker skin. It's also in the state of, rest and digest, where we repair our skin and more, collagen, is produced.

The greatest, anti-aging, secrets can be found in our everyday, foods. With the right, foods, wrinkles begin to fade and skin regains elasticity, that's the power of, food to give us a natural, facelift.

Can we get collagen from beauty creams?

When you buy facial products or creams with, collagen, it is a waste of money. Collagen, is the protein in connective tissue that keeps the, skin, elastic. That molecule can't push through the, skin, when applied with creams. The best way to stimulate, collagen, is through, food, and, sleep.

The fibers in our, collagen, become weak through the free radicals. The best way to strengthen is to eat, foods, and topically apply skin regenerating vitamins and minerals that naturally stimulate and protect our, collagen.

Transform Your Mind Podcast Pandora
Transform Your Mind Podcast Pandora

Collagen stimulating foods:

• Vitamin C – Vitamin C is key to, collagen, production and since it can't be stored in the body, it's really important to top it up all the time. So we have to eat, face-lifting foods, like –

  • sweet red peppers,
  • brussels sprouts,
  • broccoli and
  • tomato.

If you love tomato, while it's fantastic uncooked, when you cook it with a little bit of olive oil, you access lycopene, a powerful antioxidant.

A  fresh tomato is something you can put in a little strainer and you take the juice of it and apply that on your skin. It's a wonderful tonic for the skin and a natural, facelift.

• Vitamin E – that's a powerful antioxidant that protects and reduces damage caused to, skin cells; but it's also anti-inflammatory and that keeps the, skin, smooth, and it reduces wrinkles.
• You can find antioxidant with spinach, almonds, sunflower oil and mangoes. It’s not one specific, face lifting food, it is a variety.

• Vitamin B – is incredible for, skin, and you can get a complex variety from beets, eggs, turkey, whole wheat breads. If you are a lover of spinach and kale, pour a little bit of olive oil over the greens. It helps the body absorb the nutrients effectively.

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Face lifting Foods

If you eat garlic and onion, they contain sulfur, a wonderful, beauty, mineral, but with garlic, one thing you've got to remember is while it's got incredible health benefits you must crush it and then leave it for at least five minutes. It activates and releases the enzyme allicin, an organic compound and a really powerful antioxidant and, facelift.

Glutathione, is often referred to as the mother of all antioxidants, you find it in the tip of asparagus, and avocados. It's a wonderful way to support your, glutathione, levels.

If you've heard of, hyaluronic acid, people have it injected in their faces. These are injectables, but if you look, hyaluronic acid, is present when a baby's born. Babies they always say as smooth as a baby's bottom. Babies are pumped full of, hyaluronic acid, but as we age we lose it, but something as simple as consuming Vitamin B in our diet activates and helps increase our, hyaluronic acid, levels for a natural, facelift.

Include omega-3 fatty acids in your diet, it is a wonderful moisturizer, you access omega-3 fatty acids through fish, and it moisturizes the skin from the inside out giving you a, facelift.

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Supplements help to get nutrients into your Skin

You use, supplements, if you're not getting these nutrients in natural, food.

Water we all have access to it and our body it's 70 to 80% of our brain tissue is water, so if you're dehydrated your body and your mind are stressed. If you're feeling thirsty, you're already a little bit dehydrated.

I can change someone's, skin, the quality and texture of with water and showing them how to breathe correctly.

Myrna – We can't have this conversation without talking about what Hollywood and most people are doing with the cosmetic, plastic surgery. Plumping up the, skin, with Botox.

Using Natural Food as a facelift instead of Plastic Surgery

I think our world as it stands today, there's some things going wrong especially in the, beauty, world. The, beauty, industry, anti-aging, it's a multi-billion dollar industry that often drives fear and, stress, around the aging process.

There's a fine line between self-improvement and self-destruction and with many of the procedures that I see, I believe that we've crossed the line to self-destruction. I can't see the, beauty, in a face that doesn't move or paralyzing a muscle.

You wrote the books “Face Value” “Face Fitness” and “Face Food” tells us about your books.

Face Value, is a incredible book that shows you really how to utilize all the ingredients in your kitchen to take years off your face naturally and for a natural, facelift. It will show you things like how to use the avocado, what grape seed oil can to support stronger skin. This
is based on rock solid science, everything that I do is based on science.

That's why I work in the wellness centers with people undergoing chemotherapy. I show them how to change their, skin, because chemotherapy does horrible stuff to, skin.

Book: Face food
Book: Face food

I wrote “Face Food” and Face Food shows you how to stimulate the, collagen, from the inside with foods that you're eating and where to find all of these, anti-aging, ingredients.

Face massages and Face Fitness

We haven't touched on, face fitness, is how do you keep the muscles on the face strong because it's not a line that ages a face, but a sagging muscle. We've got over 50 of these muscles on the face, we only use not even half of them, so when we know these are the muscles need to be strengthened.

We give ourselves a, natural facelift. When I get a, facial they always end it with a, face massage.
I also do a, face massage, every night when I apply my night cream.

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