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How To Use Faith To Get What You Want

The Magic of faith is in your beliefs. Your beliefs are the currency of faith. Faith is essential to manifesting your desires. It is the currency of the spiritual world. It is the currency of God.

Trust God and have faith that he will give you the desires of your heart.

Trust that all is well.

Hold the vision and trust the process.

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Have faith and go with the flow

Go with the flow, try not to constantly swim upstream.

Tune into guidance and intuition, you let the universe take you where you want to go.

You also must commit to being faithful. A lot of times, things don’t come when you think they should.

You are either doing something or you are waiting for something to happen. You are either committed or you are not.

Obstacles become opportunities when you are committed

With commitment, failure is not an option

Get clear of what you want and why you want it that helps you stay committed

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Transform Your Mind Podverse.fm

Ask and have faith that you will receive

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What specifically do I want to happen? include details.
  • Why do I want this to happen?
  • How will I feel when I achieve this happens?
  • Am I willing to ask for support if it does not happen?
  • Will I refuse to give up?
  • Am I excited about making this promise to myself?
  • Will I enjoy the journey from where I am now to where I want to be?

The bible says, Ask and you will receive. You must have, faith, that you father in heaven will give you the desires of your heart all you have to do is ask for it in prayer.

If you don't ask you don't get -Gandhi

Ask and you will receive – Jesus

When you ask you get.

Ask with confidence and certainty.

Ask with determination and persistence.

Ask clearly and precisely.

Ask for what you want.

Ask for a discount.

Ask for a major guest if you are a podcast host like me.

Ask for a loan.

Ask for a date.

Ask for affection.

Ask to be of service.

Ask for the listing if you are a realtor.

Ask for the sale.

Ask Ask Ask.

Google Podcast Transform Your Mind
Google Podcast Transform Your Mind

Ask and believe you will receive

See yourself in possession of what you are asking.

Connect with source and Ask God in prayer. Learn how to, ask god for what you want.

Make a strong declaration this is what I want and I not settling for less.

When you ask you get it immediately but it is held in your, vortex, as un-manifested potential.

Whatever you ask for have already manifested vibrational and are waiting for you in, the vortex.

Vibrational reality, always precedes, physical reality, whatever you hold in your hand you first held in your head. Your, vibrational reality, is how you are feeling most of the time.  It’s the thoughts you are having that translate into the emotions that you are feeling.

Most people are influenced by their, physical reality, to the exclusion of everything else.  If something happens in their, physical reality, they react to it.  They have thoughts and judgments about what is happening and those thoughts and judgments translate into feelings about what is happening.  We’ve all been there and done that.  It's part of being human in this physical world.

To get into the, vortex, and activate, the law of attraction, you need to work with your, vibrational reality, for the things you asked for, you must reach for the best feeling thoughts in every moment. This is, how you ask the Universe for what you want.

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Curiocaster podcast

The law of attraction works with faith

Think good feeling thoughts.  Stuff your, vortex, with positive energy and with good feeling actions.

  • like walking in nature
  • meditation,
  • singing your favorite song
  • hugging your children,
  • hugging your spouse,
  • talking a hot bath,
  • getting a massage

Ask for what you want, have faith that if you ask you will receive, remain committed to the journey.

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