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Life Lessons From Chris Rock’s Revenge on Will Smith

There is a saying that revenge is a dish best served cold. Chris Rock's revenge on Will Smith was served cold, almost one year later from when Will Smith walked up on stage at the Oscars and slapped him.

The entire world was waiting on a response from Chris Rock after Will Smith walked up on stage and slapped him at the Oscars last year for making a GI Jane joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair or lack of it.  

Everyone wanted to know why he did not respond by slapping him back, by having Will Smith arrested, by suing him etc. Chris Rock did none of the above.

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Chris Rock waited until he was ready to take his revenge

People started flocking to his comedy shows to hear what he had to say about the slap heard around the world. Nothing.  

All he said was he would talk when he is ready.  

He probably received hundreds of invitations to tell his story but like he said he refused to play the victim by going on Oprah or Gail King and telling his victim story.  

What he did was to wait almost a year from the date of the incident and make himself millions from a Netflix special recorded live in the process!

And everyone tuned in to watch after all we had waited a long time. And we were not disappointed. It was brilliance from start to finish.  

Chris Rock
Chris Rock

Chris Rock's Revenge: He did not keep Will's Wife name out of his mouth

Will Smith told Chris Rock after he slapped him to keep his F**king wife name out of his mouth so, Chris Rock's revenge, was to continually speak her name.  Chris Rock responded by going hard with her name in his mouth and Will Smith cannot do a thing about it. He called Jada Pinkett Smith a predator for F**king her sons friend,  he called her a Bitch and said that she started the fight by saying he should boycott the Oscar’s a few years back because Will Smith was not nominated for an Oscar for the movie Concussion.

Will Smith continued the fight by walking on stage and slapping Chris Rock apparently he was triggered by the first joke, so now Chris Rock says he is finishing the fight.

According to Chris Rock, Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith chose to put their business on Red Table Talk to get ratings and in the process emasculating her man by making him a laughing stock of the entertainment world.

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Podhero podcast

Here is what people are saying about Chris Rock's revenge

Stephan A Smith on his Know Mercy podcast made a point as to why? He agreed with Chris Rock's revenge, he said it was his right. He also said Jada Pinkett Smith does not need the money, or the fame. She has had a successful career and her husband until that point was well respected in his industry.

So What are the, Life lessons, we can learn from this beef between Chris Rock and the Smith’s?  

Transform Your Mind Podcast Podvine
Transform Your Mind Podcast Podvine
Here are 3 Life lessons I want you all to be aware of:
  1. Don’t react to an injustice, instead respond after you have had time to think about it. If Chris Rock had reacted he won’t be making millions from a Netflix special.
  2. The Lord says revenge is mine, but if you must seek revenge, then don’t just destroy the other person, build yourself up in the process. While Will Smith’s fame sank like an anchor on a ship, Chris Rock was selling out his shows. Chris Rock's revenge, could also be tarnishing the name of Will Smith forever. 
  3. Finally, the Bible teaches those who live in glass houses should not throw stones. The Smith family has a lot of stuff going on and they chose to share everything on Red Table Talk, so that means they live in a glass house. Everybody can see inside. So, if you throw stones and someone throws one back, then it will break your glass windows and doors and sometimes the damage is so severe that you can’t build it back. I think that was, Chris Rock’s revenge, on the Smith’s was so complete that they may never recover from this insult. He threw rocks that they let the world see and he used it to embarrass them both. Be careful what you share.  

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Will Smith Had 10 Seconds To Choose A Different Reality

Will Smith Had 10 Seconds To Choose A Different Reality

Will Smith, had 10 seconds to choose a different, thought, before the, concrete set, and, reality, hardened when he slapped Chris Rock on national television

I just finished reading Will Smith’s biography “Will”  I really enjoyed reading his book and recommend it to anyone interested in changing their mindset.

There were 3 main quotes from, Will Smith's, book  that I loved, one of them was “You have 10 seconds until the concrete sets and, reality, hardens.” I think this is a good time to talk about what that really means and reference what happened at the, 94th Oscars, between, Will Smith, and, Chris Rock.

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Will Smith's Biography “Will”

The book starts off with, Will Smith, calling himself a, coward, because he watched his father often slap his mother and reign terror on his family as a child. He felt he was a, coward, because he didn’t do anything about it.

His father’s legacy was also the year that he made, Will Smith, and his brother Harry build a concrete wall so Will learned his concrete, analogy, from personal experience “You have 10 seconds until the, concrete sets, and, reality, hardens.

Will used this analogy when his friend and fellow performer Ready Rock did not come out on stage for his set when he called for him, because he was jealous of Will’s success. He gave him 10 seconds to make a better choice and when he didn’t, reality, set and Will never called for him again.

He used this same concrete, analogy, of, reality, setting, when his girlfriend Melonie was about to go out somewhere and he told her not to go and she walked through the door anyway. The, concreate set, and the, reality, was that it was over. Will Smith, set her clothes on fire and never saw her again.

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Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock

By now you have all heard or seen the, slap, on national television. Will Smith, did not like something that, Chris Rock, said about his wife. Chris Rock, make fun of her hair, and now he himself had 10 seconds until the, concrete set, to change that, reality.  10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3,  Will Smith,  walked up on stage and slapped, Chris Rock, in the face and the, concrete set, and reality hardened.

He can never take that back regardless how much he cries, how much he apologizes he can never take it back, it will live on, on the internet forever.

The concrete has set and, reality, hardened. Whether you believe, Chris Rock, was wrong to joke about Jada’s bald head, we know it was wrong for, Will Smith, to walk on stage at the, Oscars, and, slap, him.

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Will Smith Grew up with Domestic Violence

Will Smith's father was a bully and he grew up with  domestic violence, seeing his father  slap his wife and kids until his mother eventually left him, and in an out of body experience, Will Smith, became his dad. He got out of his seat and slapped someone because he did not like what he said about his wife.

In his autobiography, published in November 2021, the actor describes at length the appalling, domestic violence, he and his three siblings witnessed his father, Willard, inflict on his mother.

“When I was nine years old, I watched my father punch my mother in the side of the head so hard that she collapsed,” he wrote. “I saw her spit blood. That moment in that bedroom, probably more than any other moment in my life, has defined who I am. I am a, coward”

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Transform your Mind Stitcher

Will Smith thinks he is a coward

Will Smith, says “Within everything that I have done since then — the awards and accolades, the spotlights and attention, the characters and the laughs — there has been a subtle string of apologies to my mother for my inaction that day. For failing her in the moment. For failing to stand up to my father. For being a, coward.

“What you have come to understand as ‘Will Smith’, the alien-annihilating MC, the bigger-than-life movie star, is largely a construction – a carefully crafted and honed character designed to protect myself. To hide myself from the world. To hide the, coward.”

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TuneIn Radio

Training the mind to make a better choice

So how do we make better choices in the 10 seconds before the, concrete sets? You have to, train the mind.  Just like you can’t learn to swim when you are drowning, you can’t make good choices when you are thrown in the fire; unless the, mind, is trained on what to do in the fire and then takes over on autopilot.

Start training your mind to make the right choices because when the, concrete sets, there is no going back, reality, becomes permanent.

When you feel that rage bubbling up inside you, choose a better, thought.  Count to 10 and breathe because the devil is driving around looking for people to destroy. The prison is full of both men and women who had 10 seconds to choose and made the wrong choice.

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What would have happened if Will Smith chose a better thought

Ready Rock made the wrong choice, Melonie made the wrong choice and now Will Smith, made the wrong choice. Let’s imagine that, Will Smith, had continued to pretend that he liked the joke. In those 10 seconds he would have laughed while seething inside, 40 mins later he would have accepted his, academy award, and realized that had reached the pinnacle of his career. The concrete would have set on joy and victory and he would have gone home and forget about Chris Rock’s joke, but the, concrete set, on a bad choice and now no one will forget.

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This is Coach Myrna Young and you have been listening to 5 min Fridays with coach Myrna

Hope to see you back here next week until next time blessings

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