The power of salt

The Power of Salt

The power of salt, salt is used for flavoring, preserving, fertilizing and other uses.  It is the ingredient we want to be most like. What happens when we, lose our saltiness?

In Mathew 5.13 Jesus declared You are the, salt of the earth. But what good is, salt, if it has lost its flavor? Can you make it salty again? It will be thrown out and trampled underfoot as worthless.

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Salt is not just to season food

Today I want to teach on the, Power of Salt, because, salt, is not just for seasoning food.

So, what does, salt of the earth, mean? Are we, salt of the earth, in our relationships? On our jobs?

Salt, is used for, flavoring, salt, is used for, preserving food, salt is used for fertilizing and to kill weeds. Salt, is used to de ice roads so you don’t slip and slide.

The, power of salt, can be seen in the colonization of India by Britain. All Britain wanted was the, salt!

Let’s look at the uses of salt and thus the, power of salt.

Transform Your Mind
Transform Your Mind

Salt is used for flavoring food

Salt, is used for, flavoring food. We all know, salt, makes food taste better, either by adding flavor to something that would otherwise be bland or by enhancing flavors that are already there. Have you ever eaten bland food? You don’t want people to label you bland or boring. To be the, salt of the earth, you have to bring the flavor to your relationships. This is where your personality shines.

Salt is used for Preserving food

Salt, is used for, preserving meats. Salt, was the ancient equivalent of refrigeration. If you wanted to stop meat or fish from decaying, you could rub in salt and make it edible for longer. This was the main reason salt was so valuable.

If you are a Christian, you are Disciples of Jesus, and he sent us into the world to keep it from decay, preserving its goodness and preventing it from becoming corrupted or ruined.

How are you preserving your relationship with your spouse, your children, your co-workers? Just like how you preserve meat by rubbing salt on it, you should preserve your relationships by rubbing kindness into them.

Podmust Transform Your Mind podcast
Podmust Transform Your Mind podcast

Salt is used for Fertilizing

The power of salt, can also be seen in, fertilizing. Several ancient civilizations used salt as a fertilizer for the soil, and depending on the conditions, it could help the earth retain water, make fields easier to plow, release minerals for plants, kill weeds, protect crops from disease, stimulate growth, and increase yields. The reason this matter is that Jesus specifically describes his people as the, salt of the earth, which in a rural, farming culture would have been significant.

Disciples are fertilizers. We’re meant to be in those places where conditions are challenging and life is hard. We are sent to enrich the soil, kill weeds, protect against disease, and stimulate growth.

So, when, Jesus, said we are the, salt of the earth, he meant that God will use us for flavoring, preserving, destroying, or fertilizing?

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Listen Notes Transform Your Mind

Salt of the earth

When, Jesus, talked about salt losing its “saltiness” or “savor,” it refers to a process in which the compounds of salts naturally disintegrate over time. We, lose our saltiness, when we no longer bring value to this world. We are no longer, flavoring, fertilizing, preserving or enriching the lives of others.

If you are, salt of the earth, then life without you would be bland and tasteless. Are you preserving your marriage or your relationship with God? Are you fertilizing the soil of your mind and killing the weeds? If not, you have lost your saltiness.

You are (like) the salt for the soil, a stimulant for growth. If you become like the savorless salt, you are no longer good for anything.

What are you doing to make sure you don’t lose your saltiness?

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Transform Your Mind Podcastland

Here are 3 ways to become the salt of the earth

  1. Nourish and solidify your relationship, today and tomorrow.
  2. Become the best at what you do. Be indispensable. There is no replacement for salt.
  3. Be salt' deliberately seek to influence the people in your life by showing them the unconditional love of Christ through good deeds and service.

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