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Myrna Morris Young

Certified Professional Spiritual, Life Mentor, Motivational Speaker, Published Author

Myrna Morris Young (Myrna Bernadette Trotman) is a Certified Professional Life Coach, Success Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker and Host of the Mindset Transformation radio show and podcast.

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In her Best Selling Book “Out of the Snares, a story of hope and encouragement” Myrna shares her story from poverty and child abuse in British Guyana, to abundance in the United States of America.

Myrna immigrated to Canada from Guyana at 17 years old, got a good job at a Bank and then decided to go back to school to earn her degree in Computer Science. She then embarked on her Sales Career. A few years later her office was invited to a Tony Robbins seminar which changed the trajectory of her life.

She became an entrepreneur! Purchased her first stretch Limousine and founded “A Royal Livery Limousine Service” She rose up in the ranks as the largest female operator in the greater Toronto area, won the “Entrepreneur of the Year Award,” in 1998 and then took her company international to Miami, FL.

In Miami she discovered her mission and purpose for her life and that included becoming an American Citizen, author, Lifecoach, and sponsoring parent. It took her 10 years to realize this goal; but with God for her who could be against her!

Myrna is now an Author 3 books including her Autobiographical book “Out of the Snares, a story of hope and encouragement”

Out of the Snares

Myrna helps her clients achieve success as a Success Coach, a Life coach, a Relationship Coach and a Career coach. Her foundation for coaching is always in first understanding her clients true self, helping them become conscious of how beliefs and behaviors drove them to where they are today. And only by interrupting the pattern can they change the trajectory of their future. She has changed the trajectory of her life and she can Help you change yours.