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Scott Miller, author and EVP at Franklin Covey, shares tips on, leadership,  relationships, efficiency, vs, effectiveness, and how to straight talk to your employees as well as family and friends.…

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In her book “Thriving, Not, Surviving” The author provides you with the route map to navigate a particular life, focusing on self-belief, relationships, managing change and finding your true purpose…

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The, coronavirus, is the latest virus to reach pandemic spread.  Before it was SARS, Ebola, Aids. Since these viruses come around every couple of years, learn how to protect yourself.…

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  We most often associate, ADHD, with children; but statistics show that 60% of childhood, ADHD, transforms to, adult ADHD. We as have seen or been parents to the…

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Your Life Theme and, personalities,  shape what motivates and drives you throughout your life. Find out which of the four archetypes compose your identity. John Voris, author of the book…

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Being, abandoned, by  a loved one cuts deeply in the heart resulting in emotional, abandonment.  It is the result of a significant person discarding you, dismissing you, devaluing you, or…

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Sexy, total health, is not about how you look on the outside but on the inside. When you become conscious of these secrets, you embody, total health care. When you…

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