How Can Millennial’s Find Their Purpose

Adulting and Purpose

As Millennial’s deal with adulting, they ask themselves, What is my purpose? What is the reason for my existence?

Today on the “Transform your Mind with Coach Myrna Podcast”, I interview the Author of “The Millenial’s Playbook to Adulting”, Arika L. Pierce
The first step is to find your passion. This is where you find that

you can be in it all day long and you don’t feel tired and you don’t feel

bored and you’re just illuminated and just joyful and and it’s a great way

to live your life. You know when you live

a passionless life just because you’re making money does not mean that you are living with passion.

Let me share a personal story. My daughter always felt that she was supposed to be a

Psychologist, getting her degree and everything. Along that journey

she read Nelson’s Mandela’s book “A long walk to freedom” and decided that

she needed to become a political advocate and she just switched right

away. She applied and got into American University,

the top political science university with no background in politics.

Today she’s working for a company right next door

to the White House, and doing some great great work at Common Cause.

I didn’t even think about that until right now and that’s what I like about

the Holy Spirit or of my Higher Self

things pop into my head. It is also an example of leaning your ladder up against the wrong

building! My next question is a follow-up to the first and it is do you agree that

we’re all meant to do a certain thing on this earth? And what is your advice

to Millennial’s to find out their purpose? How Can Millennial’s Find Their Purpose?

Let’s say using my daughter story that she didn’t know what

her purpose was. She went to school and maybe felt

psychology is a job that can make her money that’s where a lot of Millennial’s

Park right, so what advice do you give them?

To answer your first question in terms of do I think we’re

all here to do something, yes I definitely believe that we individually

are all here to bring some value or offer something back to the

world. I believe some of us it takes longer than others

but; I do believe we are all here to accomplish something and I think we

probably give different weight to what we accomplish. Just because what you believe it is something small it can be

transformational to somebody else. In terms of what I believe Millennial’s can

do in terms of finding their purpose, I actually think it starts with a very

simple concept and that is honestly taking time to think and to plan and I

think when we sit back and you when you look at your life if you plan it with

the level of detail that you plan for example a vacation you’d be surprised

about you know how much how differently you might view things.

I recommend taking one hour a week to evaluate where you are and where you want to go.

The timeline might be where I want to go this week, it might be where I want to go

in the next year, in the next two years or five years from now. Whatever time

period I feel I need to think about it and plan for at that time for example if you’re thinking

I hate my job, it’s not fulfilling this is

not my purpose. Then you know think about what would make you feel more

purposeful? What are the types of positions or jobs that you would like to

be in? And then what are the steps that you need to take to get there. Do you

need to you know go back to school? Do you need to join a networking group?

My daughter came to me one day and said that she wants to become a politician

and I look at her this sweet innocent person that had no politician skills or

natural talents and I said to her

“How do you get there how do you get from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow?”

As her coach we planned it Toastmasters and learn how to speak in front of people,

school for political science, volunteer so she can get

some political experience and things like that so yeah and you got to make a

plan and the beautiful thing about it you know is that it might feel

far-fetched but you never know if it’s really your purpose the universe, God

will step in and help you get there. That’s why when my daughter

applied to American University she said she only had a 30% chance of being accepted. She said I’ll apply there’s no hope

that I’m gonna get in and guess what she got in because she’s on purpose

because God helps you if you are on purpose.!

Don’t ever think that anything is too big for God.

Les Brown says reach for the the stars, you might fallback on the moon!

I agree. One of my favorite quotes is

If your dreams don’scare you, they’re not big enough.

You have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and that’s

really I think when you accept that, it will help you in finding your purpose.

Especially if you’re not currently living what you believe to be your

purpose. I like that one I mean you you talked

about it before you must really live by that and it’s very true you know when my

daughter went to Washington she was incredibly uncomfortable, she was in

a city that she didn’t know anyone, she was going into something that she didn’t

know anything about and it was uncomfortable and that’s only way you


Alright so and this is coming from your book, you’ve got a

chapter in your book about your giving advice and strategies and how

Millennial’s can achieve their goals in the workplace; but I like the word hustle

that you used to describe this. You advise to hustle to get what you want in this world. I think when

you hustle you have to you have to be hungry you have to really want

it. You have to be motivated and so I think to your point earlier, when

it’s something that you truly want and you feel passionate about or you really

wanted to achieve the hustle actually comes fairly easy at least in the

beginning because you know you most likely will accept that challenge and want to go

after it. Where it becomes a challenging I would say is consistently

hustling, always having that thirst, that hunger to push yourself further and

that sometimes can be where we tend to fall off. That’s human

nature, you have to learn to hold yourself accountable and to make sure that you are you’re hitting

your own personal benchmarks and hitting your own personal

goals. And so a good way to keep the hustle mentality I would say is to make

sure that you have measurable things that you want to do and so that way

you’ve got a way to check yourself. I’ll give you an example and

this is a personal example. I want to be in better shape, which i think is a

goal that everyone has, most people have I should say. It’d be easy to say

I want to I want to work out more; but instead I tell myself, I want to go to the gym 170 times this year and that is a very measurable

thing for me because you know in the beginning I started this in January

I was on target, I was hitting it and so then February sort of started to

fall off, in March a little bit more and so in the past month I went and did the math

and I counted how many times I had gone however these days were left of the year

and so that was real data that said okay I got a hustle cause I only have so many

days of the year left. I can quickly

do sort of a check-in to see what I need to do to continue to get there something

like that can be applied to so many areas of your life. So

professionally you know when someone says I want to work in a different

industry I would say okay, why don’t you make a list of ten people that work

in that industry and give yourself a period of time to contact them and to

meet with them. And so again that’s measurable the in that very moment you

might say oh yeah let me reach out to all ten of them and then two weeks, two

months later you realize that you didn’t follow through and you didn’t end up

meeting with them or or you only met with two.

Something like that, so I think the best way to keep the

hustle is to hold yourself accountable and to really have some some specific

objectives that you have to check in, to make sure you’re going to

meet whatever is your at your end goal.

That’s awesome, very powerful analogy. I love the personal one that you did because

everybody knows and that is why they push gym memberships; because people have short term goals

and when those goals are accomplished, they abandon their goals. I

mean this is turning out to be an episode about my daughter but; all of a sudden recently

she has been going to kickboxing, she’s been working out at a

gym, and the first thing I said to her because I know her, what exactly is

your motivation? It turns out she’s going to Spain and she wants to look good in her bathing suit!

She’s hustling because she’s got a short-term goal. What I like about your analogy is that you’ve pushed it out for a year.

And you hold yourself accountable to that hundred and seventy.

You know if you get down to November and you want to be accountable to yourself

because it’s another thing that I you know I coach and I also I hold myself accountable to

because if your mind can’t trust you or your body can’t trust

you or you can’t trust you then it goes downhill from there.Sso if you may have a commitment

to yourself then you got to keep it. That is where coaching comes in because one of the

most powerful reasons to have a coach is to keep you accountable because most

people cannot keep themselves accountable. Me and you

probably can, because we’re coaches that work in that space but; a lot of people

can’t and they would go for five years and make any headway towards their goals.

I’ve coached lots of people that want to lose weight and you know something always

comes up; But as a coach we know there are all excuses.

But when I was talking about hustling I remember people like

jay-z and P-Diddy. Someone else just popped into my mind. I’m getting goosebumps at this one so there’s a powerful one you

know Tiffany Haddish she just won a an Academy Award by Essence Magazine. and she told

her story and she talked about the hustle. She was homeless, she was living

in a car and she told of hustling her manager every day. She would go to her managers office every day

asking what she got for her. Begging her to put me in something put me in

anything! and she hustled she didn’t sit home and wait for the call.

Then you know finally they they put her in something and she was the breakout

star in “Girls Trip” now she’s everywhere she’s got like three movies and a TV show!

One of my favorite I would say just hustlers and it has

nothing to do with even being a fan of his music or art but really it’s Puff

Daddy. I live in Washington DC and Puff gave a speech at Howard University and what

some people may not know is that he really wanted to work in the music industry and he would take the train

or the bus every single day up to New York

and he would wash the car of one of the top music executives Andre Harrell and

so and he would do that, just go back and forth you know I mean it’s a

four-hour train ride back and forth but that’s what he did until he finally got

a job at the record label and so and what’s interesting example yeah yes and

I’m one that I follow him on social media because he’s always trying to motivate

and he’s always hustling me the man has all the money all right he has

that hustle mentality where you know he’s hosting a TV show he’s still making

music he still you know producing people he’s putting his son’s out there I mean

it’s it never stops because it’s who he is. He will always be driven

to continue to take himself to the next level.

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What do you have in your hand? God used the staff Moses had in his hand to help his achieve his purpose.

I use that analogy because when you’re finding

your purpose you mentioned what are your interests and what excites you but

I’m going to add to that what are you good at. What’s your natural ability?

What’s your natural talent? Because that’s what you have in your hand.

Ray Charles was born blind and he just picked up a piano and played. But

but some of us has to do these stepping stones. Let’s you talk about adulting.

In your book, in fact your book is called “the Millennial’s playbook adulting” Can you explain

what you mean by adulting and how that relates to How to Find your Purpose?

Adulting is actually a it’s a millennial term.

Social media usually uses funny hashtags like

I’m doing laundry hashtag #adulting pain pills #adulting. I’m over

#adulting. Adulting is really just the idea of growing up frankly and taking on new

responsibilities and transitioning into an adult. I would say being more

independent and if in terms of how can a dull teen connect to her purpose? I

think that one of the things I you know in my coaching is what did I tell people

and tell the Millennial that I work with is when you are transitioning into an adult

you are now the owner of your life. I actually say you’re the CEO of ME

Incorporated and part of that is determining what you want to do and so it’s no longer what your

parents what you to do or what your teachers or grandparents want you to do.

All of these influencers who have really directed you for the majority of

your life so far this next phase of your life is really about running your own life

like a CEO. A CEO runs her company as she sees fit. and so you know I think often times there

are Millennial’s who are in professions because that’s what their

parents wanted them to do or that’s what was expected of them or that’s what they

said they were going to do and they were embarrassed to change their

minds. Well if you want to change your mind, it is now up to you to do so. That’s

part of being an adult. It’s unlikely that someone is going to come

to you and to say I think that you need to change your

passion or your job. So I would just encourage Millennial’s

especially to think about what they want out of life.

Don’t for others to direct your path, certainly others can help lead

you in the direction that you want to go to, and I am a firm believer of

leveraging a personal board of advisers and your mentors and people

around you to help you and to guide you and to get feedback. But it is

really up to you to do the exercises, to do the work, and to decide where you want

to go next or where you want to take your life professionally.

On the first page of your book you made

the humorous statement and I quote

“Dear Universe I miss the how to be an adult 101 class, send help and my mom and wine”

I thought that was humorous. So my question to you is which adulting class did you

think that you missed and have the most struggle with?

Probably for me it’s the financial class. I

actually spoke to a group of Millennial’s yesterday as part

of a fellowship program and one of the questions they asked was can you tell me about managing my finances?

I admitted to them that managing my finances especially when I was younger

and like 20 was very difficult. I sort of used my debit card like a gift card, just

charge and see how much it is. So and that wasn’t that wasn’t smart

decision making and I think that as I’ve grown up I’ve been forced

to become much more financially literate. I just don’t mean you know okay I

save money now that that’s that’s not being fighting totally financially

literate I mean really understanding you know what’s coming in what’s going out

I’m having that data point and now you know there’s lots of apps that can help

you figure that out as well as understanding what’s the best way to say

it’s my money what are what are you know but ways that I can you know increase

increase my my my salary or my revenue streams besides just my day-to-day

nine-to-five job understanding the stock market understanding you know investments and

things like that especially being an entrepreneur really understanding those

types of things are really important and so I think that I came from a very

traditional family that was you put some money in a saving account you do that

every single week and you will likely not you know that’s the best thing you

won’t go poor that’s how you do it but that but there’s so much more to that

and so that was part of the I would say the adulting class that there I have I

had to say have one that I did not get that I probably you know still learning

but you know came to me much much later in life that I think is very critical

um to proper adult thing yeah that’s actually pretty good you know I helped

my daughter a lot with that but I’m just learning that now in my 50s so I

understand that because you know our parents certainly didn’t sit down and

teach us because they didn’t even know themselves so that was a perfect answer

I love it alright so tell our listeners how they can get in touch her to you if

they want any kind of coaching or to purchase a copy of your book sure you

can go to my website

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