Rewiring Your Brain To Develop a Fitness Mindset

Brian Keane Fitness Mindset

Marathons, can be everything from 25 miles to 200 miles potentially. What I love so much about them is the, fitness mindset, you have to develop to complete them.  Everyone on a, weight loss, journey has the same issues, it’s like – Oh, I want the ice cream in the fridge, the voice in your head is telling you to eat that ice cream, you have to learn to override that voice and don’t eat the ice cream.  It’s the exact same voice that tells you that you can’t do this, weight loss, thing.

I’m talking to Brian Keane. He’s a personal trainer, nutritionist, best-selling author and ultra athlete. Today, we’re going to be talking on the topic; “Rewiring Your Mindset for Fitness.”  In order for you to keep going even when your body tells you to stop, you’ve got to have a, fitness mindset.

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BRIAN KEANE: Over the past seven years, Brian has gone from working full time as a schoolteacher to one of Ireland and the UK’s leading thought leaders on all things health, fitness and nutrition. Brian is the author of two best sellers “The Fitness Mindset” and “Rewire Your Mindset.

On top of his ever-growing social media platforms, with over half a million followers, he also hosts one of the world’s top health podcasts which is #1 on the iTunes Health Charts. He has spoken at major wellness events around the world such as Wellfest Ireland, Mefit Dubai and was a Keynote speaker at Google HQ in Dublin for their 2018 wellness event.

Among his many fitness and athletic achievements, Brian has transitioned from a professional fitness expert to an, ultra-endurance athlete, running, through the Sahara, the Arctic, and completing a 100-mile ultra-marathon.

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Google Podcast Transform Your Mind
Google Podcast Transform Your Mind

How Brian’s journey to a Fitness Mindset Started

Myrna: Can you share your  journey from school teacher to an, ultra endurance athlete?

Brian: I started to work as a, personal trainer, for two years. I worked as elementary school teacher during the day and worked as a, personal trainer, at a gym at nighttime. Basically, I tried to get that business up and, running, and eventually, I got to the point where every time I got paid from a, personal training, client. I was like, I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this!

Myrna: We’re going to talk about a,  fitness mindset but, how did you get to  the, entrepreneur mindset?

Brian: I found the success clues.  It didn’t really matter whether it was leaving a teaching job to overcome that fear or somebody that’s trying to lose 100 pounds of weight. We all have these stories that hold us back. We all have these fears and insecurities. When I was starting to develop that, fitness mindset, it became my whole philosophy.  When it comes to, fitness, you need to have a little education on how to get in shape and it looks different for everybody.

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Deezer Transform Your Mind Podcast
Deezer Transform Your Mind Podcast

Nutrition and the fitness mindset

My nutritional philosophy is doing what you can stick to.  What’s your goal?  What foods do you enjoy and how do you find a diet that you can stick to over the long term?’ It doesn’t need to feel like a diet.  That’s my whole nutritional philosophy to have a, fitness mindset. It’s the same for weightlifting.

Not everyone does, ultra marathons. Most of the people I work with do a daily step count, they hate exercise. So we go cool, you’ve got 10,000 steps today, that’s a start. I want you to do some exercise every day, so 10,000 steps that’s okay.

It’s just about what can you do in the long term or what can you stick to? I think that the, fitness mindset, is all about – here’s the basic education on how to lose weight or how to build muscle or how to get a bit stronger and here’s the, mindset, to keep it because that’s the really important thing. You talk about, mindset, on your podcast all the time; the, mindset, is what allows you to keep it and developing is what’s going to reap the most dividends over time.

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Transform your Mind Podbean
Transform your Mind Podbean


Staying the course: weight loss tips

Myrna: It’s sustainable change when you change your, mindset. It’s actually sustainable.  If you change your diet or you change something external, it’s not your, mindset, then it’s easy for you to revert back to your old habits.

What are the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to their diet? Can you share some, weight loss tips?

What are some, weight loss tips, if you want to lose 20 pounds?

Weight loss vs fat loss

Brian: I’ll surely give you some, weight loss tips, because when it comes to understanding, weight loss, or, fat loss, first thing is not confusing those two things because they’re two different things.

Weight loss, is lowering the numbers on a scale. Fat loss is reducing the amount of fat in your body.

A lot of people use those terms interchangeably, but they’re actually two different things. It is very easy to manipulate, weight loss, a lot of them fad diets – bad diets, juice diets etc. They manipulate, weight loss, because they massively restrict calories, reduce carbohydrate and as a result you will weigh less when you step on a scale, but doesn’t mean your fat levels have come down.

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Weight loss from Fat reduction

Whereas, fat reduction, on the other hand, is that you’ve got what’s called a calorie deficit that your body has to take some of that stored fat and burn it for fuel. When it comes to, weight loss, there’s only one thing you really need to understand –  it’s how calories basically work.  If you consume too many calories, more energy is added to your body. Your body takes that extra energy and stores it as fat, the same thing works in reversing a calorie deficit.

If you consume fewer calories, your body doesn’t have enough from food. It has to go into storage body fat and use that for food. So, when people know that it’s really about finding what dietary system works for and what you like to do:

  • People will do a, keto diet,
  • Some will go,  plant-based diet,
  • Others will go for clean eating,
  • Some people will count their calories,
  • and a few people will find other plans that works for them.
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Jumping In:  Planning Your weight loss

I’m all about the basic science of, nutrition, when it comes to calories and then finding a nutritional plan that you can stick to over the long term. When it comes to, weight loss tips, it’s about sustainability and finding what you can do over the long term.  If you want to go a bit stricter with this, you don’t have to count every calorie, you don’t have to do any of these things, you just have to make a little more of a conscious food choice.

What am trying to say here is understand that, weight loss, and, fat loss, are two different things, just figure out what you’re tracking. However, I recommend that anyone who’s obese or overweight should track, weight loss, because it’s easier. You don’t have to track fat, you’re better to just step on a scale and see, but if you’re somebody that just wants to feel a bit better and drop a dress size or two or just have your clothes getting a bit looser, you need to track body fat.

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Transform Your Mind Podnews
Transform Your Mind Podnews

Building mental toughness and a fitness mindset

Myrna: One of the things that you have done is not only you’ve gone from school teacher to, personal trainer, but you’ve developed,  mental toughness, because you’re now an, ultra endurance athlete. How does somebody build mental toughness, and a, fitness mindset, to achieve some of their, weight loss, or, fat loss, goals?

Brian: When it comes to, mental toughness, I think breaking down the misconceptions around it is probably the most important thing before you go into the tips.   One of the, mental toughness, issues I had was realizing some people were born mentally tougher and some people were just mentally tougher as opposed to realizing that it’s something that you develop over time.

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Transform Your Mind Podcastland
Transform Your Mind Podcastland

Mental toughness and fitness

It’s like a muscle-like, what I call your, mental toughness,  muscle, the more you exercise it, the more you develop it, the stronger it gets.  When it comes to, mental toughness, they’re kind of two sides of the same coin with self discipline (i.e. when you exercise that muscle and get stronger) over time. When it comes to developing, mental toughness, what I normally ask  people is “Can you anchor your day in two or three things that will support you moving forward?”

Successful people do what they have to do regardless of how they feel or think.

You can develop that, mindset, anybody can develop that, mindset, over time. It’s one of my brain tattoos. Another way to put that is you’re not always motivated for fitness, right? But do it unmotivated until you feel motivated.  What I mean is you do it until when becomes natural.

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Running for fitness

I don’t really enjoy, running, that much, but I run a little every day just to keep that, mental toughness, muscle ticking. I’m sitting here thinking of the, mental toughness, of running a marathon over 100 miles, and maybe after 25th miles you’re broken down. You can’t seem to go anymore, but you put in a one foot in front of the next and your foot feels like rubber yet you keep going.

Myrna: I don’t know if you have read the book “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins or the book  “Finding Ultra.”  Finding Ultra was about a 40 year old guy who was having problems walking up the stairs and then he transitioned to become a plant-based,  ultra endurance athlete.  It was so fantastic reading about his journey to becoming an, iron man, and, ultra endurance athlete. Of course, David Goggins talked about the, fitness mindset, in his book “Can’t hurt me”  he kept going on his marathon runs sometimes, running, on broken legs – developing the, mental toughness, to keep going at all costs.

This is the exciting part of this interview, you don’t like, running, yet you run 100 miles ultra-marathons. Tell us about that.

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Transform Your Mind Amazon
Transform Your Mind Amazon

Marathons are the metaphors for life

Brian: Marathons, can be everything from 25 miles to 200 miles potentially. What I love so much about them is the, fitness mindset, you have to develop to complete them.  When you’re running an earth, marathon, like it’s the biggest metaphor for life of all time.

Even a normal, marathon, is difficult  for the average person.  You get tired;  you don’t want to continue. The pain is unbearable,  the voice in your head is telling you to stop, but you just have to learn to override that voice and put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.

Everyone on a, weight loss, journey has the same issues, it’s like – Oh, I want the ice cream in the fridge, the voice in your head is telling you to eat that ice cream, you have to learn to override that voice and don’t eat the ice cream.  It’s the exact same voice that tells you that you can’t do this, weight loss, thing.

When you let the negative voice in your head win

You have to learn to master and control that voice in your head and you get better at that over time as you consistently move forward on whatever journey you’re doing. For me, it was so. What happened to me (probably the best story), I can give here was in 2019. I ran through the arctic circle in a, marathon, of about 230 kilometers. The tip is north of Sweden, it was minus 40 degrees the coldest I’ve ever experienced.

There was one point where (I have a photo up on my Instagram), where my eyelids froze over because obviously you’ve got water in your eyelids and it was so cold. My eyelids froze that I couldn’t blink properly and it kind of gives you an idea on the conditions. But, 86 kilometers from the end of that race, my Achilles tore so that the tendon at the top of your ankle just above your ankle and now the likes of David Goggins, and hearing these people helped me massively, because they’ve been through these conditions.

We talked about the race where he was pooping himself and had to strap up his foot with stress fractures. I would read a lot of those books, listen to a lot of those podcasts in the lead up to these events. When my Achilles tore 86 kilometers from the end in the arctic, it was a case of well – “I’m not coming back to finish this and do this again”. I’ll be like if I don’t do it now, I’m not coming back and for me, I had a little of self-awareness, that I think everyone needs to bring to their own mindset. For me, I’m not able to give myself a, plan B.

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Transform your Mind TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio

Never Have a Plan B when developing a fitness mindset

I can’t give myself an out because from experience to somebody that’s quit races and backed out of things and pulled out of things, if I give myself an out, I generally take it when times get tough. When I went to the arctic, I had no, plan B, my goal was I either finish this or get to the Arctic Circle line which is 230 kilometers from where I started or I get shipped out on a helicopter. I was like, it sound crazy now, but I had to make that commitment to myself before I go now.

Not everybody has to do that, but having some version of no, plan B (like somebody else’s no, plan B), is you don’t buy your favorite foods while you’re starting on a, weight loss, journey until you get to a certain point where you can reintroduce them.  it’s all relative in terms of how somebody would apply that into their own life. For me, developing that, fitness mindset,  was just putting one step in front of the other and keep moving forward.

Anyone can develop that, fitness mindset, over time, that no, plan B, mindset. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, whatever that is, you’ve lost 100 pounds and you’re trying to lose 150, but you’ve gone up 10 pounds. What do you need to do now that’s going to help you get back on track? It might be taking a break, and it might be going forward. It’s relatively based on the goal and you use that. You develop that going forward and you use the failures feedback. It’s never just a success.

Book: The Fitness Mindset
Book: The Fitness Mindset

The Fitness Mindset: Book

Myrna: Tell us about your books “The Fitness Mindset” and “Rewire Your Mindset”

Brian: Rewire Your Mindset, is an extension of the, Fitness Mindset. The Fitness Mindset, is the book that I could give to people that would help them with their, fitness, journey. This is how you get in shape and how you stay in shape. It’s a short book for people who don’t really read books.

Rewire your Mindset, on the other hand was the book that I didn’t feel like I could go to the grave inside me. That was the book I needed to put out on paper.  If something ever happened to me,  I wanted my daughter to be able to read it. I wanted to get this book out of me,  it was my legacy book. They were written in two completely different frames of mind.

The, fitness mindset, gets them up and running with their, fitness;  rewire your mindset, cements it. They’re like –  Oh! my God I am in the right place now, I’m a believer.


Rewire Your Mindset,  it’s very much all the misconceptions and beliefs that you have so you can take ownership back in the decisions you make. I split it up into, health, wealth and, fulfillment. Like the four quadrants, these are the areas of your life that need the most work.  Rewiring your mindset, so that you can get out of your own way effectively”. I love the quote, it’s normally attributed to the Buddha, but I don’t know who it’s from.

Your biggest enemy live between your two ears. Buddha

The whole book is about rewiring the way you see things so that the enemies in between your two ears can go after the body.  You can go after the dream job you want, you can go after the family relationship you want, you can go after the things that make you feel fulfilled. In my case, it’s ultra endurance events and spending time with my loved ones and my family. Other things that make me feel fulfilled and light me up inside is conversations like this one!

Myrna: As we wrap up Brian, it’s been an incredible conversation with you. I love your energy and physique. Congratulations on your podcast. What’s the name of your podcast?

Brian: Brian Keane podcast.

Additional Resources

How to Maintain Sustainable Weight Loss

Why is Renewing Your Mind Important?

How to Maintain Sustainable Weight Loss

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Weight loss, and related challenges is not about, nutrition, but are projections of deeper rooted emotional and psychological challenges.

PAUL SALTER is a Registered Dietitian, Coach, Author, and, Sustainable Weight Loss, Expert, believes that, weight loss, and it’s related challenges, aren’t related to lack of nutrition or knowledge; but are actually projections of deeper rooted emotional and psychological challenges.  We won’t be able to confidently maintain, weight loss, until those challenges are acknowledged and overcome. His passion is helping men and women just like you re-frame their thoughts and reshape their behaviors so that they can transform their relationship with food and dieting, and finally, lose weight,  once and for all.

Download the full interview here:

Introduction to Sustainable Weight Loss

In this audio and blog, we’re going to be discussing how to guarantee a successful, weight loss, how to lose weight, and keep it off.

Since 2013, Paul’s worked one-on-one with over 1,437 men and women just like you who have collectively lost more than 10,000 pounds, thousands of inches, and maintained their results.

Myrna: What’s your story? You look pretty lean and fit. Did you have a problem with, weight loss, at one point and how did you become a, sustainable weight  loss, expert?

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Transform Your Mind Luminary podcast
Transform Your Mind Luminary podcast

Paul: Yes, I appreciate the kind of words. I have quite an interesting and diverse journey. For me, it started off with a late growth spurt. What I mean by that is at 16 years old, as a multi-sport athlete, I was about 5 foot 1 and 110 pounds.

Paul’s Story: Becoming a Weight Loss Expert

As you can imagine it was quite challenging to keep up with all of my peers who were bigger, stronger and faster than me. It finally clicked one day, and I don’t know why.  I like to give my mother all the credit for what I was eating and putting into my body.  This, nutrition, enabled me to perform better during sport practices and competition. I was able to keep up with everyone despite the size disadvantage that they had. I took that nugget of knowledge with me and carried it into College, where I shared my new found love for exercise, weight lifting, and, nutrition, with friends.

Quickly I realized that my peer group was turning to me more often than not for advice related to, nutrition, and, weight lifting. It finally dawned on me that maybe I could get paid to just talk about, nutrition, and, weight lifting, all day. That was how I began to study for my, personal training, certification. I still remember to this day exactly where I was reading and I believe it was chapter 23 of the big exam book, it was called, sports nutrition.

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Transform your Mind Podcast Index
Transform your Mind Podcast Index

Using Sports Nutrition for Weight Loss

That was my light bulb or the moment that I finally realized there are actually people out there who are helping others or helping even athletes pay attention to what they’re eating and when they’re eating, so that they can feel look and perform at their very best.

The very next week, I went into my supervisor (counselor’s office) declared my major in, dietetics, and then went down the path of studying, nutrition. I really wanted to get into, sports nutrition. At the time there were only seven, sports dietitians, in the whole nation. Crazy to think about right? So, it was definitely a very new area of focus, but I was fortunate enough to be proactive and a bit aggressive.

If you will put my resume everywhere to meet the right people to lead me through a path as a, sports nutrition, expert.  I spent time in a hospital as a, dietician,  I knew that wasn’t for me, but that was part of a, dietitian,  training so I had to do it. I also spent a lot of time doing competitive body building as I went through this journey of self-discovery.

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Transform Your Mind Podcast Player FM
Transform Your Mind Podcast Player FM

This is where I started to really understand the holistic, specifically the emotional and psychological impact that, dieting, has on people. When we finish a, diet, trying to return, I guess to a sense of normalcy is a lot easier said than done.  This revelation birthed if you will a passion for helping people, maintain weight loss .

How to Lose Weight: The Definition of Diet

Myrna: Alright, so let’s transition to our topic for today.  As I said, we’re going to be focusing a lot on, diet, and, nutrition.

What is the, definition of diet?  I know it fluctuates How does the, definition of diet,  affect us, maintain weight loss?

I ask the question because, diet, is the number one influencing factor that people can’t maintain, weight loss.  They go on a, diet,  and six months later, they’re back to the same weight or even sometimes they gain more. What’s that about?

Paul: I think there’s two major driving forces behind this occurrence. The first one fits right into the, definition of diet. It’s a perfect opportunity to talk about this because there are actually two definitions to the word, “diet”.

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Book Social media 101
Book Social media 101

Diet – Eating fewer calories to Lose Weight

There’s one that we are all so familiar with – which is intentionally eating fewer calories to, lose weight. That’s the one that the, weight loss, industry promotes very heavily and tries, for lack of better words to brainwash us with.

The second definition is simply “a habitual way of eating, “and the best example I like to describe to illustrate that definition difference is a vegetarian or someone who follows a, plant-based diet,  doesn’t necessarily mean that said person is eating to try to, lose weight.

What that, diet, encompasses is a lifestyle, a foundation of healthy behaviors in a healthy relationship related to our food choices. Where we all go wrong as a whole population, is we focus on the former definition only (i.e. intentionally eating to, lose weight)

What happens as a result of focusing on the wrong definition, is we develop a very short-term focus.  Where things go wrong is we commit ourselves to:

  • 30-day cleanse,
  • 90-day transformation
  • a 12-week this and that.
  • We never have a plan for day 31, day 92 etc. It’s kind of like, oh crap what do I do now? I just made all these massive changes for the short term because I was really committed, motivated and exciting.
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Transform Your Mind Amazon
Transform Your Mind Amazon

Dieting to Lose Weight is a Major Stressor on the Body

After you complete your 30 day cleanse or your 90 day transformation,  motivation has now waned, excitement has now waned and now you realize you do not have a foundation of healthy eating habits to fall back upon. So you fall back on your past lifestyle and then the weight comes back.

Myrna: Okay, you’re saying that the, weight, comes back because they eat and fall back on their bad food choices, but I’ve been told or read that a lot of times, people gain the weight back because they changed their metabolism. The lowered their, metabolic rate, from, dieting. Can you talk on that?

Paul: One of the biggest things that we have to remember is that, dieting, is a major psychological and emotional stressor.  Your body wants nothing more than to bring you out of that, diet. What happens when we begin eating fewer calories to initiate, weight loss, our body starts to enter this protective mode. It begins to hoard food and anytime we get excess calories it holds onto them for dear life, and store them to protect itself from future stress of starvation.

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Podfriend Transform Your Mind Podcast
Podfriend Transform Your Mind Podcast

How Dieting affects your Metabolic Rate

What happens is when we begin, dieting, our body wants to conserve energy and the way this manifests is simply our, metabolic rate, or the number of calories we burn per day begins to slowly decline. What also happens is there are hormonal changes that actually make you hungrier and less likely to want to stay on track with your plan. Our cravings increase. Our body is almost like a professional kick boxer, it’s going to punch and kick from any angle to fight, to get you out of that calorie deficit and you have to be prepared to handle the punches.

The kicks maybe head butts. The occasional elbow who knows what? That’s basically why you gain back the, weight loss, faster because you’re changing your cylinder structure.

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Book Vignettes of the possibly dying

The #1 Reason Diets fail

Myrna: Would you say that’s the number one mistake that people make that leads to regaining the, weight loss?

Paul: The #1 reason, why diets fail, is this.  I think it’s important to note, diet, to really initiate, weight loss, you have to be in a calorie deficit or there has to be some form of calorie restriction.  . It’s literally an essential step, but what happens is, the harsher your, calorie restriction, or the longer your restriction, your body is so dynamic and adapts quickly.

Let me give a numerical example to help. Let’s say somebody’s eating 2000 calories per day, they decide they want to lose weight and they slowly drop their calories to 1600 or 1200, maybe even a 1000. People get too excited and make such harsh changes in their, calorie restriction, that their body adapts so quickly and then when they get to day 91 for example, and they just return to their old eating habits now, they’ve been accustomed to eating a thousand calories per day.

They go right up to 2000 calories or even more. Like I mentioned earlier, their body just wants to hold on to all of those excess calories to protect them and there comes the, weight gain. That’s the number one reason, why diets fail,   harshly restricting calories.

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Book Splinters of My Soul
Book Splinters of My Soul

The proper way to Lose Weight

Myrna: Do you have another suggestion on the proper way to, lose weight?

Paul: Absolutely. The two points to keep in mind, the first is you want to try to, lose weight, eating as many calories as possible. Let me explain, I know that sounds a little funny.

Myrna: That’s what you call a paradox or something.

Paul: Yes like an oxymoron.

Myrna: Okay I got it. What’s the difference between a, pre maintenance diet, and, post diet maintenance? You just talked about the, post diet maintenance, phase which is where you gradually bring your calorie level back up so that your body can get accustomed to all this. What you’re doing to it? What should we do as a, pre diet maintenance?

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Transform Your Mind Podcast Pandora
Transform Your Mind Podcast Pandora

What is the Pre diet maintenance Phase

Paul: Fantastic question. The way I like to talk about a, pre-diet maintenance, phase is when somebody comes to me and it’s about 99% of those I work with, they say hey I want to lose X amount of weight and I want to lose it yesterday.

It’s typical we want all of our results yesterday. When I go through their questionnaire and have these initial conversations with them, I get a really good picture of their current foundation of eating habits and relationship with food.  More often than not,  people who want to start a diet don’t really have any foundation in place.

Maybe they’re dining out seven times a week or they’re skipping meals here and there, and then they’re binging later etc. So, this, pre-diet maintenance, phase is a point or an opportunity rather to start building a unique, sustainable weight loss, structure for that individual and because changing habits can be a stressful process on its own.

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Google Podcast Transform Your Mind
Google Podcast Transform Your Mind

Pre Diet Maintenance reduces stress

We don’t want to add additional layers of stress from, calorie deficit, like as we just mentioned that’s a psychological emotional and physiological stressor on its own, so it’s during the, pre diet maintenance, phase we’re not trying to, lose weight, whatsoever. We’re simply working on rebuilding a foundation of healthy eating habits, one that is unique and sustainable and also reframing or rebuilding our relationship with foods.

Myrna: Is this a diet?

Paul: Yes.

Myrna: Explain that so that someone’s reading can understand what that means.

Paul: Absolutely. In the 10 plus years of doing this, working with 1400 plus people those who have had the most success, it all boils down to three common principles and that’s related to the foundation of their food and eating habits. Those principles are:

  •  simplicity,
  • individualization and
  • sustainability.
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Book Into the Woody Hills
Book Into the Woody Hills

Weight Loss Mindset

If you and I for example, we’re working together from day one I’m really going to ask you a lot of questions, challenge you to think differently about what an ideal day of eating, nourishing your mind and body, your soul looks like. I am looking to see you, weight loss mindset.

For example, maybe you only want to eat three times per day, maybe your best friend eats five times per day and you want to do the same.  So, we focus on you, we really build a structure that is unique to you. If you want to eat three times per day, great.  I’m going to have collected information about what your eating looks like.

I’m going to be able to identify what I like to call areas of focus or areas for growth. And then we’re going to start with the one I feel is the most important and that’s going to give you the quickest win right away.  We’re going to take that and we’re going to build positive momentum before we move to the next one.

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Protein is important in your Weight Loss plan

One of the most common ones I get is a person coming to me under eating protein.  So, I look for ways to add in protein throughout the day. I even like to say sneak protein in so you can reap the many benefits protein has to offer without making some completely upheaval change to your current approach to, nutrition, and eating.

Myrna: Alright, I got it. You’re just getting them maybe in touch with what they’re eating and getting them into starting the, diet, phase and maybe even seeing if they can follow it to be quite honest.

Paul: If you are going to, diet, and then maintain your ,weight loss, successfully, you should probably only spend about one percent of the rest of your life ever, dieting. Think about that for a minute, if you do one good diet and you learn how to, maintain weight loss, you never have to, diet, again which is fantastic.

Myrna: That’s where you’re talking about lifestyle right?

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Post Diet Maintenance

Paul: Yes. During the, post diet maintenance, phase, we want to pay attention to the gradual increases in your calories. Your portions to get you back to a level that supports everything you want to do and to live life to the fullest. But during this time too, we need to really put a lot of attention and time into redefining what normal or balance or moderation looks like for you as an individual.

We view each of those through the lens of sustainability, so that, weight loss, maintenance continues to happen as you operate on this new version of autopilot with your eating, exercise, and self-care habits.

Myrna: In your program do you include exercise or just a, nutrition, plan?

Paul: We focus a lot on, nutrition, but we actually focus a lot more on the emotion, behavioral and mindset aspects.

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Sustainable weight loss without exercise

Myrna: This whole, sustainable weight loss, equation entails so not much on exercise right?

Paul: Yes, the brain and the mindset.

Myrna: Someone coming into your program:

  • You help them with the, pre diet maintenance,
  • Put them on a, diet, to reduce calories
  • They lose  20 pounds
  • The,  post diet maintenance, phase kicks in where it’s a lifestyle shift.  If they do those three things, the million dollar question. Is, weight loss, sustainable?

Paul: Here’s the one thing I’ll include before someone enters our community and program. Before they receive instructions and the individual one-on-one care to build out their, pre-diet maintenance phase, they actually spend the first couple of months not even focusing on, nutrition.

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Transform Your Mind PTWWN TV
Transform Your Mind PTWWN TV

Understanding your relationship with food

We spend a lot of time up here and I’m pointing to my head and my heart.  I  am really looking to understand their past. How for example their childhood traumas, relationships with parents, guardians, friends and their environment shaped their current relationship with food.

We use this time as an opportunity to shine a big bright spotlight of awareness on some of the ways our past experience is affecting self-talk, limiting beliefs, thought counterproductive habits. We spend a lot of time there first before even getting to the, nutrition, because, if we can start making changes, they’re going to accumulate and compound over time.

Myrna: Tell our readers about your program, how you can help them maintain their, weight loss, goals and how they can contact you.

How the 5 Community Help you with your weight loss goals

Paul: Absolutely. My core focus where I eat, sleep, breathe and live these days is called the, 5 Community. This is where we work with high achieving women specifically mothers, to help them reclaim their confidence, their inner peace and calm through learning how to rebuild not only their relationship with food and dieting; but most importantly, the relationship with themselves, so they can, lose weight, reclaim their energy and truly feel, look and be their best.

The ways we do this is our central focus of the course. There is plenty of coaching such as:

  • one-on-one time,
  • online continuing therapeutic and
  • transformational curriculum that is with them every step of the way, but truly the magic comes within our community. When you surround yourself with a like-minded in a group of like-minded individuals truly is an opportunity to time collapse your results.

One of the worst things that I’ve observed happening specifically with the mothers I’ve worked with over the years, is they develop this sense that they are alone.  

But when you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you can actually restore hope, restore feelings that change is possible and it’s through the collaborative accountable and supportive efforts amongst our community. We’ve really seen some fantastic sustainable changes and of course on the scale, and  in the mirror; but more importantly in mindset, relationship and emotions related to food eating and just simply being the best version of us.

The best place to connect and engage with me is on Instagram @paulsaltercoaching. The best website is going to be

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Paul: Remember to trust yourself.  The difference between an appropriate portion size and maybe a not so appropriate portion size is that you already know what to do. Before you spend your money and time energy and effort, trying to outsource to fad, diet,  A B or C,  focus on making one tiny positive change that is geared towards helping you feel a little better.

When you make that change successfully, then insert another one and you’re going to start to build, positive momentum, because when you begin feeling better, your energy comes up. Your confidence comes up, you’re just exuding this different level of energy that has a nice positive ripple effect on other areas of your life. Now, we’re talking about creating a win-win-win situation

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