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How To Reset Your Nervous System with Mindfulness

In this blog post, Craig Goldberg, shares how mindfulness can help you reset your nervous system. By using, vibroacoustic therapy, you can achieve a deeper sense of inner calmness and calm your mind. If you're feeling stressed out or anxious, mindfulness combined with sound vibration can help you to reset your nervous system from the sympathetic response to, parasympathetic response.

This podcast episode will teach you some mindfulness hacks that shortcut the meditation process and reset your nervous system. After watching this video, you'll be able to reset your nervous system and feel more at peace using, vibroacoustic therapy.

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Reset your nervous system with Vibroacoustic Therapy

Myrna: My guest today is Craig Goldberg. Craig is a relaxation expert and we're going to be talking on the topic how to reset your nervous system with mindfulness. Mindfulness is big for me and that's one of the reasons I invited Craig on the show. 

I'm reading the book The Power of the Now by Eckhart Tolle so I am heavily into mindfulness.  Let me give you a brief intro. Craig Goldberg is a relaxation expert and technologist on a quest to help Humanity achieve a deeper sense of inner calmness through the use of sound and vibration technology. He is a, vibroacoustic therapy, practitioner and his work is backed by 40 plus years of research showing the many benefits of this type of therapy.  

He is also a patented inventor constantly exploring new ways to use sound and vibration to help people reduce stress and anxiety, heal and transform their lives for the better. Craig is passionate about his work and truly believes in its ability to provide a path towards a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Mindfulness and vibroacoustic therapy

I started off by saying I'm very much into mindfulness. I've had lots of guests on the show talking about mindfulness. I've had lots of guests in the show talk about meditation and the nervous system but I've never had a guest that talked about combining vibration and, Vibroacoustic therapy. Craig can you share your journey into this path and how did you marry the two disciplines together. 

Craig: I'm a club kid from New York City, that means I like standing in front of a stack of speakers and feeling the bass all night. When I was a kid and that translated into electronic music and dance and house music and melodic house and that sort of thing. I love feeling the music and and I think that resonates with just about everybody on the planet.  

The technology that's inside our furniture is called a tactile transducer otherwise known as a base Shaker inside there is a magnet that magnet is oscillating back and forth a certain number of oscillations per second is a certain hertz frequency so 20 Hertz oscillates that magnet 20 times per second.  It creates vibration, that vibration transfers directly to your body. There's an entire body of research that guides and talks about this technology. A gentleman by the name of Olaf's began to research specific frequencies and their impact on our body on our physiology, on our Neurology, on our Anatomy, and on our organs.

 What he found is that specifically focusing on 30 Hertz to 120 hertz has a profound impact to calm and relax the nervous system to send messages to every muscle in the body telling it to relax to increase lymphatic drainage, to increase or decrease recovery time, increase our ability to recover faster between workouts. So I  found this Magic Carpet Ride if you will in this sound lounge and I became absolutely enamored. The human ear picks up frequencies between 20 Hertz and 20 000 Hertz so 20 000 Hertz obviously being very much on the High Spectrum.

How vibroacoustic therapy works

Vibroacoustic therapy, focuses on 30 Hertz to 120 hertz to further dial that in, that subwoofer that you have in your home stereo system is typically 80 Hertz and below so we're talking about very low frequencies.  We're talking about bass, we're talking about vibration.  In fact once you get above 100 Hertz you're no longer feeling that frequency, you are hearing it and the reason we feel it is because of these mechanoreceptors that are in our skin that send triggers to the to the brain and that's actually the mechanism of action that's how, vibroacoustic therapy, works.

Vibroacoustic is vibration and sound vibro vibration acoustic is sound so this body of research, vibroacoustic therapy, is really just talking about vibration and sound and its impact on our body.  What we found over the last six years of doing this is that when we start doing brain tests brainwave entrainment tests that music harmonizes the brain and brings you into that meditative state, that alpha or Theta brainwave State and has a profound impact on the rest of your body.  We teach people how to meditate through sound and vibration, we teach them by guiding or distracting their brain by the music.  So our music is very specifically made, it has deep bass notes that are drawn out these long drone notes that entrains the body.

Myrna: Let's talk about the difference between mindfulness and, mindfulness meditation, and meditation  because I think they're three different things. 

Craig:  Mindfulness for me  is simply the practice of being mindful of being aware of the impact that your persona, your physical body is having on the world around you.  Now meditation for me  is slowing down,  it's allowing the thoughts to flow through.  Just allowing the thoughts to flow through your head that means that your your brain is always thinking.  This was a big aha moment for me, your brain doesn't know how to do anything else except think; so the thoughts are always going to be there. 

When I first set out to meditate, I thought it was like clear your mind, think of nothing and now I'm just thinking about thinking of nothing and then all the stuff I want to think about starts to come in and it's just one big distraction. No meditation is about just allowing the thoughts to flow, you want to dwell on something and see it through by all means do it.  

Mindfulness meditation and sound vibration

Mindfulness meditation, which could be staring at a flame, it could be a mantra or something that you're repeating, it could be an “I am” statement two most powerful words in the English language. I am because whatever follows it you are.  I am powerful, I am strong, I am loved, I am safe, brought up a little emotion.  These are really powerful and a great mantra for you to come back to to remind the brain that you are all these amazing things. 

So, mindfulness meditation, is where our music meditations fall in because sound and vibration is guiding Your Body Mind and Spirit.  It is distracting your mind and guiding your mind so your mind is focusing on that meditation.  I equate that very much to a mantra or to a staring at a flame or listening to a, guided meditation.  I see, mindfulness meditation, as a whole it becomes really powerful.  

Myrna: When you talk about mindfulness,  I have a different word for that.  For instance, I do a, mindfulness meditation, that's only 10 minutes but it's powerful.  It's talking about can you feel the blood pumping through your veins, do you feel the temperature of the room,  do you feel how your body presses into the seat. 

Craig:  I mentioned as part of, mindfulness meditation, 100 so there's a part of our brain called the reticular activator system and it's what filters out the world if you will our brain processes four billion stimuli per second, the unconscious mind four billion stimuli per second, the conscious mind four!  Since our conscious brain can only handle four things at once, it blocks out the other three billion 996 000. I'll give you a great example, you're shopping for a Ford pickup truck and all of a sudden you see Ford pickup trucks everywhere. 

A mindfulness meditation

So, mindfulness meditation, helps you to break down that barrier.  We don't walk around feeling your clothing but when you are doing, mindfulness meditation, you become aware of the brush of clothing against your skin or the blood coursing through your veins. 

 When I'm doing, mindfulness meditation, on my, meditation cushion, or, sound lounge, there are two tactile transducers and the headphones are plugged into the amplifier that's in the back so the vibrations are coming straight up your back, so you're listening to the same things that you're feeling and this creates a three-dimensional fully immersive sound experience that makes you feel as though you're inside the music. 

This creates that mild stress that triggers the chemical cascades associated with calm and relax.  We are literally shaking every single cell in your body and your body reacts to that by releasing different hormones like serotonin and dopamine.  Our sound lounge is a mattress that you lay on, there's a base that's underneath the two and the amplifiers. 

There's four tactile transducers inside that bed and it feels like you're on a rocket ship.  I call it the Magic Carpet Ride and then we have a third product which is designed specifically for massage therapy to add vibro acoustic therapy or vibration therapy to massage. Chiropractic acupuncture acupressure is a very soothing and beautiful experience. 

Myrna: I definitely gonna gonna try your app and start meditating with it.  Tell us about your company, we've talked about the, meditation cushion, and sound lounge, tell us about your YouTube channel and where people can find you on social media. 

Vibroacoustic sound meditation

Craig: I'm really about optimal Human Performance, I'm really about human optimization and all that is is a fancy word for giving you the best opportunity to be the best possible human being every single day. I want high levels of energy, I want high levels of focus, I want to be a great father, I want to be a great leader in my community, I want to give back.  In order to do that, I need strength, I need energy, I need brain capacity. I need all these different things and I'm on a mission to teach people exactly how they can get the most out of life, how they can squeeze the most juice out of that orange and really captivate and move mountains.

 For me, vibroacoustic therapy, is a big part of that so we've built obviously an entire business around that called In Harmony Interactive. I understand that our products are an investment. We want more and more people to have access to this technology which is why the app is so accessible and so approachable.  You'll find us on all the socials media sites, our website is www.Iaminharmony.com 

Myrna: I love  the vibration and the music tie to meditation and mindfulness.

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Using Breathwork Meditation As a Personal Growth Tool

The way that we use, breathwork, with, meditation,  is as a tool to really settle our bodies, when we're in a heightened stress response or feeling really tight and closed off.  Breathwork,  allows us to settle into a space of openness and receptivity so much faster.  When we're sitting in stillness and, meditation, you can feel the moving energy up and out of the body.

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Ava Johanna is the founder and visionary behind The Academy of Breath, international breathwork and meditation school, focused on making these ancient embodiment practices household tools across the globe. Ava’s mission is to bridge the gap between modern neuroscience and mysticism so breathwork and meditation are made accessible to everyone from high-level executives to stay-at-home parents.

Yet, Ava’s present-day reality – running a half a million-dollar breathwork and meditation empire, while giving back 10% of profits to marginalized communities and do-good organizations – is the polar opposite to her teenage experience. At the age of sixteen, Ava was homeless. Her rise to fulfillment, entrepreneurial success with The Academy of Breath, and claiming a mission that serves all, makes her the living embodiment of perseverance, healing, and wellness.

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Transform your Mind Stitcher
Transform your Mind Stitcher

 How Ava became a breathwork teacher

Ava: I grew up in a very affluent area. I was born in Santa Monica, California, one of the boroughs  in LA and moved about second or third grade to Ventura County Calabasas Westlake area. I always give the example of Calabasas is where the Kardashians live. My family was  middle class, but a lot of my friends had lots of money. And so by the time my mom separated from my stepdad which I'm still so proud of her to this day for doing that,  we are unable to pay for the basic basic needs, like a roof over our head, food on the table.  

My little sister is nine years younger than me and has autism and after she was diagnosed with autism, my mom did everything in her power to support her and to be near her. Unfortunately, my mom wasn't even able to get a full time job or a regular job because my sister needed to be on call for my sister. She's her primary caretaker so the only option really for her at that point was to work at the school. Being in close proximity to my sister and you know, really makes her life revolve around my sister.  

My mom's car was repossessed, she would go to the church every other weekend, the Food Bank and pick up groceries for us and we spent a little over a year between couch surfing on friends' couches, families, couches, neighbors. And after about a year and a half my mom finally was able to scrounge up enough money to get us our own apartment and it was this dingy dark little apartment, but it was ours. And throughout that whole experience, I really am grateful that I was surrounded by so much wealth because it showed me that there was another way. 

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Transform your Mind TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio

I feel so deeply for communities where it's only poverty because sometimes that can create this identification of this is all that there will ever be for me. And so I'm grateful that I got to see two different sides of circumstance so that I could say, this is the direction I want to go. That experience created this deep hustle mentality within me of continuing to climb and climb and climb until I felt safe.

And it wasn't until the past few years that as my business started becoming more and more successful, I realized that there was no dollar amount that would ever make me feel safe and safety was an inside job that I had to create within myself. And that's really where, breathwork and meditation, have had the biggest impact on my life, is learning how to create safety within myself.

Book Being Black is Traumatic enough
Book Being Black is Traumatic enough
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Some examples of poems: “MAGNIFICENT YOU”, acknowledging and appreciating black women. “BLACK MAN, BLACK MAN”, is an acknowledgement of black men's worth, the need to unite and the need to stop killing one another.

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Podbean Transform your Mind Podcast

Using meditation as a personal development tool

Myrna: That's a powerful story. I love that, because I was born poor in Guyana, but I had a very rich godfather who also showed me the other side.  How did you learn, meditation?

Ava: So I was working in a corporate job at the time I worked at this agency in San Diego in the marketing department and was so stressed out, it was a startup.  I was working anywhere between like eight to 10 hours every day.  I was in before the boss out after the boss and literally had dreams about my work. I was no fun to be around. A girlfriend invited me to a, yoga,  class for, personal development, and, stress relief, and the, yoga instructor, taught me, how to use  breathwork,  and, meditation. as, personal growth, tools. 

I remember being in a, breathwork meditation, class for the first time,  just dripping in sweat and feeling so good.  And so from there I  became a little obsessed about, breathwork meditation. So I enrolled in, yoga,  teacher training about six months later.  And a lot of anger would come up in training, which is now I know just repressed emotions leaving my body, but my first weekend in our, yoga, teacher training, we had someone come in and do a full, breathwork,  session with us. It was Wim Hof, which is a more modern take on older ancient practices that stem from the Himalayas. 

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Transform Your Mind Podcast Pandora
Transform Your Mind Podcast Pandora

Find you bliss with breathwork meditation

I remember leaving class that day and just calling my friend and letting her know oh my goodness. This feels incredible, I found my bliss. So from that point forward, I aggressively trained in, breathwork meditation. I saw that there were a lot of amazing things coming from teacher training and also a lot of gaps that could be filled in order to support people that had these missions.  And so that's really where the inspiration for the Academy of Breath came from. 

Myrna: What is the neuroscience behind, breathwork meditation, that makes you feel so blissful?

Ava: I like approaching the science from two different angles. I love the mysticism behind, breathwork. I love the spiritual approach to it and I also love the science. So in the same way that if you are with a group of individuals and you're all singing together. This energy that you can feel this, this opening that's happening that is almost intangible to describe with words, but you can feel that heightened level of bliss. There's that kind of element of, breathwork, that comes up. 

I can't really explain this through my words, but you must experience it, in order to really feel what I'm talking about. So, with, breathwork, what I found was that, through this practice, I could feel my body softening and opening and calling almost all aspects of myself to the present moment where I was no longer time traveling between what had happened in the past or my anxiety and worrying predictions of what was happening in the future. 

Transform Your Mind Podcast Player FM
Transform Your Mind Podcast Player FM

The neuroscience behind breathwork meditation

Now, that's not necessarily something that we can prove with science, but that is something that you experience when you're practicing various, breathwork, techniques whether it be a calming technique that's really slowing the body down, slowing the, nervous system, down or more energizing techniques that's actually creating more of a movement and momentum within yourself. 

You can experience that type of surrender, that type of fullness or oneness with all of these different, breathwork, practices and quite quickly as well.  You can do three rounds within two to three minutes and start to feel that sense of relief. Which is really powerful. And then on the other side of it when we look at the science behind, breathwork meditation. 

  In the same way that singing turns on the, vagus nerve, which is responsible for your, parasympathetic,  response in the body. Breathwork, as well turns on the, parasympathetic response. 

So basically, the way that I explain it is that the, vagus nerve, is like pumping the brakes on your stress response or, sympathetic nervous system.  We're not necessarily humming or vibrating the vocal cords to activate the, vagus nerve, but there's different practices like for example a, box breath, or equal ratio breath where the, parasympathetic  nervous system, is being activated through slowing down your breath and essentially telling your body and telling your, nervous system.

It's safe for me to relax, it's safe to let go. And when we're doing that, we're releasing happy chemicals throughout the body like, dopamine, and, serotonin, which are all those feel good hormones, and so that's where the bliss comes. 

Podfriend Transform Your Mind Podcast
Podfriend Transform Your Mind Podcast

Meditation stimulates the nervous system

Myrna: I told you,  I learn something new every time I interview someone. I've never heard that you can relax your, vagus nerve, by singing. I understand now why some, meditations,  do the chanting. I myself do the, box breath,  with my, meditation, where you inhale for four,  hold for 4 and then exhale for 5. 

Ava: Most people don't realize that our breath can be used as medicine. So when someone goes into a really advanced, breathwork, practice,  like a Wim Hof practice,  all of those practices are amazing. They all serve their purpose. However, if we're working with somebody who struggles with PTSD or struggles with anxiety or struggles with depression, we want to be really clear about what, breathwork, practices we are using and the equal ratio breath or the, box breath, or the style that you had mentioned. 

So when I teach it, I teach 5-5-5-5,  box breath.  You can absolutely elongate the exhale, because it does help with the, vagus nerve, being stimulated. But that's like the easiest practice for anybody to start with to reacquaint themselves with their, breath. To reestablish a relationship with their breath where they're more mindful about when they're breathing, because we know that anything that we do in the 10 minutes that we're sitting down, or five minutes that we're sitting down, we're going to become more aware of in the rest of the time during our day when we're awake. 

Transform Your Mind Podcast Addict
Transform Your Mind Podcast Addict

Using the box breath with breathwork meditation

So that's a really, really simple place to start breathing in through your nose for four or five, holding at the top for four or five, scaling for four or five, and then we also hold at the bottom for four or five and that's a way to just strengthen the lungs as well. And the way that is easiest to remember is just an equal basic breathing. So that's how I explained it to individuals who this helps them. 

Myrna: Okay, so you're saying that's the simplest, breathwork, . Give us a complicated one.

Ava: Being able to increase your body temperature is a pretty epic tool to have, especially when you're feeling a little chilly. And I think more than anything, it's understanding the breath, and the role that the breath plays on the autonomic nervous system.  It is like the heart beating; it is the immune system. It's our hormones releasing from the body.

It's our digestion, our breath is directly connected to our, autonomic nervous system. And so we can do about that as a way to again move out of that, fight or flight response, where we're just dumping acidic chemicals like cortisol and adrenaline on our body into a, parasympathetic response. 

Transform your Mind Podcast Index
Transform your Mind Podcast Index

A breathwork technique to reduce hot flashes

Yes, there is actually a really great practice that is so funny. My mom came with me for my bachelorette party a couple years ago and it was so hot and we were walking back from the party to the Airbnb we were staying, and she just got so overheated and she had to sit down.   I was like, Mom, you got to do this, breathwork, practice with me to cool you down.  It works within five minutes.  It's really simple, you curl your tongue like a funnel and inhale through it.  And for anyone who can't curl their tongue up,  you'll just breathe through the teeth. 

Myrna: Can you use, breathwork,  to connect to our, higher power?  Because when you go into stillness, you connect with your, higher power, you connect with God. So how do you teach your clients to use, breathwork, to connect to the, higher power, or their higher self?

Myrna: Yeah, that's such a beautiful question. And to be honest, this is where I get them the most like space to explore on their own because I truly believe that we all have a unique relationship to a, higher power, of our own understanding. And so you know, as an example, I know that in a lot of communities, the word of God can trigger them based on religious upbringing. For me, I love the word God if that's my understanding of the, higher power, but I know other people like the word, universe, or my, higher self, or whatever it might be.

And so I need to change the language because I know that God created the, universe.   All those things are just means the same, super consciousness. There is a bunch of labels. 

Transform Your Mind iHeart Radio
iHeart Radio

Using Breathwork meditation  to access your higher self

Ava: So the way that I use, breathwork, in with, meditation, is that using, breathwork, first as a tool to really settle our bodies so that again, we're out of that heightened stress response or feeling really tight and closed off.  Breathwork,  allows us to settle into a space of openness and receptivity so much faster.  When we're sitting in stillness and, meditation and you feel that moving energy up and out of the body.

Sometimes that energy might be before in the form of recurring thoughts. that might be something that happened yesterday, something that you have to check off of your to do list etc. we can use, breathwork, as a way to move that energy up and out of the body so that we've actually created enough of a slowing down within the mind. so that when you are meditating, it's so much easier for you to hear your own inner voice or the voice of God or the voice of source in the practice itself.

And so usually what I will do for someone who's like just started, guide them into, breathwork. Then once they're in, meditation, bring them through a list of things that they're grateful for, so that they're really dropping their, heart space,  and then guide them into some sort of, prayer. That, prayer, might be just like asking a certain question of something that they desire guidance around or  wanting to communicate with God. 

 And then just allowing myself and, breathwork meditation, to be the subject. I think the two practices go together so perfectly and you know, the lens of, yoga, the eight limbs of, yoga, conjures eight limbs of, yoga. Breathwork, comes before, meditation, as a way to prepare the body to sit for longer periods of time so that you can experience God. 

Transform your Mind Spotify Podcast
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The Academy of Breath

Myrna: How can we connect with you and learn, breathwork meditation, an these wonderful things that you're teaching. 

Ava: Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to share. So the Academy of breath offers an eight week online, breathwork, and, meditation, certification program. This is really meant for anybody who is interested in incorporating, breathwork, and, meditation, into their work that they do. We've had  high school teachers go through, therapists go through, we have coaches, yoga teachers, massage therapists, so really anybody who would want to expand their core offering using, breathwork, and, meditation, or wants to become a replica, meditation teacher.

We created this program to really guide you through how to facilitate nine different record practices, three different styles of, meditation, as well as bonus modules and bonus support on how to build a business around it. Again, as I mentioned, when I went through all these trainings, I thought there were phenomenal aspects of the trainings that were more spiritual based or the trainings that were more like science based, but no one really approached like the business side of things either.

Transform your mind PTWWN TV
PTWWN TV – Using Breathwork as a Tool For Personal Growth 

I think that's where a lot of teacher trainings fall short is that you give them all of these tools, but then they're like, I don't know what to do with this. And so we really work on that aspect of it as well. If that's something that feels a little bit too, too much or too advanced for those of you that are listening and maybe you're brand new to, breathwork, and, meditation, we also have a six modules for some practice course called backward, where you will learn over the course of six modules how to develop your own personal, breathwork meditation, practice, to help amplify your creativity, your intuition, lower stress levels, and become more present.

And so we really wanted to create a more accessible way for people to learn, breathwork, and, meditation, that might not necessarily be ready to go into a full teacher training. And you can find details for all of that at www.Academyofbreath.org/programs. 

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