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Ask Coach Myrna
Ask Coach Myrna

How to Start Over? It’s Never Too Late To Start Over!

Have you heard the saying, “Age ain’t nothing but a number?” Well it’s true! It is never too late to, start over,. I started my Life Coaching career at 55 years old.   Colonel Sanders, the original founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, started at age 62.

Julia Childs didn’t release her first cookbook until the age of 50, which catapulted her into stardom and widely recognized as one of the original Celebrity Chefs.

Thinking of, starting over,  or entering a new adventure?

Here are 4 ways to help you get started. I call it the, “starting over,” dialogue:

  1. To, start over, create a list of choices and options. (Careers, business interest, training certification, etc.)
  2. Review your options; select the one that interest you most.
  3. Focusing on the selected option/interest, create a list of pros, cons and/or stumbling blocks to accomplishing your goal. Use the list as a guide to create an Action Plan to, start over, .
  4. Prioritize your list of things to do, starting with the smallest step toward the ultimate goal.
  5. Your list should look like a  road map that will lead you to success. Each step outlined should be in the direction of your goal. It does not matter how small the step, it’s making the step that counts. “The, starting over, journey begins with just one step!”
Never too later to start over Never too later to start over
Never too later to start over

When I decided to become a Life Coach, I began by inviting a friend was a Life Coach to lunch to get personal and professional insight of the demands, opportunities and advantages of that particular career choice. Your road map (first steps) can be as simple as that; inviting someone to lunch and asking questions, job shadowing, computer research, or volunteering for first hand insight. That should be your first step to, start over,

A simple lunch with a friend revealed everything I wanted to know about becoming a Life Coach, including the education and certifications needed and where to find online schools.

If, starting over, or just getting started is a goal, “it’s never too late to start, or start over!” There is no better time than the present. Don’t wait until the time is right, because for some, the time is never right.

You have to make the connection between your old story and your current circumstances. You have to know yourself to grow yourself. Don’t blame others for your current circumstances. You are responsible for your life. Write your own story! Transcend failures and blame into taking the steps to become all you capable of being and meant to be in life.

It’s never too late! Just do it!



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