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Author Interview  via podcast appearances are one of the best ways to build authority and reach targeted audiences of ideal readers, as well as promote your book.

Author interview,  Transform your mind radio show and podcast,  will allow you to get an audience to promote your book and story.

Your, author interview,  will air on WDJY 99.1 FM in Atlanta, Georgia, and all around the world through the internet on, and these Podcast players .

Like most radio programs, if the listeners do not tune in at 5.00 pm on Wednesday, they will miss your interview; that is why I convert my radio program into a podcast. Podcasts and  YouTube marketing are becoming a hot market mainly because of their ability for Evergreen marketing.

You can then use your, author interview, to get more attention, exposure, publicity, speaking engagements, new clients and more sales.

Author Interview Packages

Take advantage of these programs to get a high R.O.I. ( Return On Interview ).

Package #1- $100
50 minutes interview about your story, why you wrote the book, and what listeners can walk away with after reading your book.
Package # 2- $125

Everything in package one plus 2 posts on show page with synopsis of book and link to Amazon.

Package #3 – $150

Everything in package 1 plus 4 posts on show page.

Please message re the topic of your book before placing order. Only interested in self improvement topics both fiction or non fiction.

The mission of the Transform your Mind,  personal development podcast, is to help women and men  35 to 65 sustain successful careers, businesses and personal relationships and inspire, educate and elevate listeners to Live their best life now.

We are excited to be able to showcase coaches and authors specializing in a variety of life-transforming areas and we look forward to potentially sharing you and your expertise with our listeners!

Please review and respond to the questions below. This will allow me to create a show outline to promote you in the best light.

Please submit your Bio and synopsis of your book and 6 questions to ask you on the interview.


  • 50 minute interview on why you wrote the book
  • What readers can take away after reading the book
  • Book teasers to make listeners run to buy your book

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Sponsor The Transform Your Mind Podcast

Order your Author Interview 

Author Interview  via podcast appearances are one of the best ways to build authority and reach targeted audiences of ideal readers, as well as promote your book.

Best of all, once you’ve appeared on a, author interview, podcast you’ll be able to use your interview as proof of your expertise and experience when you pitch to other podcasts.

This is especially beneficial if you self-published a book since you don’t have the support of a big publishing house—you’re doing all the book marketing on your own!

An, author interview,  is a powerful way to spread the word about all the good your book

To market yourself on several podcasts, it is recommended that you create a one-sheet.

Here are some stories of published authors. 

Create a one-sheet for your, Author Interview

To save yourself time and effort, and to show your professionalism, I suggest you create a “one-sheet.”

A one-sheet is a document that’s a summary of who you are and what you offer as a guest.

You could send the link to your one-sheet with your pitch, or use the information within the one-sheet to complete your guest request form or email pitch.

Regardless of the situation, having this document readily available will save you time and effort.

To schedule an, author interview, you can send in your questions or if your have a One-Sheet, you can submit that.

The main elements of a, author interview, one-sheet are:

  1. Bio
  2. Head shot
  3. Potential interview topics
  4. Talking points
  5. Relevant links
  6. Affiliate links
  7. Contact information

Example of an, Author interview:

In today’s episode of the”Transform your Mind, to Transform your Life podcast, I interview, Keith Leon S.  Keith Leon S, is a multiple best-selling author, publisher and speaker who is well known as the book Guy.   His life purpose book called “Walking with my Angels” is  a true story with the foreword written by “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Jack Canfield.   Keith has appeared in numerous popular radio and television broadcast and his works have been covered by Ink magazine, LA Weekly, The Huffington Post,  and Succeed magazine just to name a few. Keith has spoken at events that included Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Neale Donald Walsch, Barbara DeAngelis, Dr. John Gray,  Dr. Michael Beckwith, and Marianna Williamson.

Walking with my Angels, is the story of my life and how many times my, Guardian Angel,  intervened to keep me on the planet.  I should have died eight times already and miracles has kept me alive. These miracles happened when I was a child and, so even from childhood I had this question.   What was so great about me that I would be saved and so many people were not. What am I here to do that is so grand that miracles keep happening to keep me on the planet?

It wasn’t until my early 20’s that I actually received the answer to that question.  I received that answer from my, earth bound Angel. My, earth bound Angel, John appeared to me as a man;  but was really my, earthbound  Angel, and told me that his job was to take me from,

“Believing in nothing to believing in  Everything”

How did you know you were talking to your, Guardian Angel, and  not a voice in your head, because we all have about 5 voices in our head?

When I was a child my, Guardian Angel,  voice came from outside of me.  His voice would come from different places. Sometimes would be up in the ceiling, sometimes in the corner, sometimes it  would be behind me or to my left, sometimes my right, sometimes right in front of me.

Because I was a child, I feel that if my, Guardian Angel, voice came from inside my head, then I would be doubting myself and questioning myself.  But because it was outside of me and I could hear it audibly, just like I hear you talking to me right now, then I was sure the voice was my, Guardian Angel.

I just learned pretty quickly that when I do what my, Guardian Angel, tells me to do, everything goes just great.

Tell us about your, Earth bound Angel, you called him John in your book.

You said the John your, earth bound Angel, told you your purpose.  You said you didn’t understand why you were so special before John showed up.

What is the message that like your readers to take away about, Guardian Angels, from your book “Walking with Angels”

I wanted to share with everyone in the world what I know is absolute truth and that is this.

You are directly connected to the source energy that created everything in this world.

I call it, Guardian Angels,  and you may call it intuition, our guidance system, energy, you may call it Source, God, Jehovah, Buddha.  I like to say it doesn’t care what you call it, as long as you call it!

So I’m called to share with you that if you’re willing to sit, ask, and listen, you will get guidance from your, Guardian Angel.

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