How to Apply, the Law of Divine Oneness, to your Life

Welcome to the Transform your Mind – 5 mins with Coach Myrna. In this episode we will discuss, The Law of Divine Oneness, and how to apply it in your life. You may have heard the statement “We are spiritual beings having a human experience” well it is true.
We are extensions of source energy also called God or the Universe.
We are made up of a body, soul and spirit.

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Most of us never expand our consciousness beyond the physical body that we can see and touch, but that is only one part of our true self.
We came into this physical body with a purpose, and that is to grow and evolve. So we embarked on this game. We can call it the game of life or we can call it the matrix!
We are living in a matrix! And just like the matrix, there are rules in how you play the game.
The rules are the laws of the Universe. The first Law we will discuss is, The Law of Divine Oneness,
If you are a bible scholar you will recognize lots of parallels between the laws of the Universe and the teachings of Jesus.
Jesus came into his physical body with the awareness that he was a subset of God or God incarnate in the flesh, he understood, The Law of Divine Oneness, We are also a subset of God, that is why man can command diseases to leave the body and perform the same miracles Jesus did in the earth. Jesus most profound scripture tells us “If we have the faith as small as a mustard seed, we can command the mountain to move into the sea.”
I bet you have never seen anyone do that in the natural, but in the matrix you can! In Higher consciousness you can. I have heard of monks elevating their bodies and travelling from one place to another.

So today I would like to start off episode #1 – 5 mins with coach Myrna, talking about:

• The Law of Divine Oneness, It Means that we are all connected to one source. Everything we do effects the collective consciousness of the entire universe.
That is why when we contribute to others and in some way make their lives better, it gives us the highest joy. The bible teaches that it is better to give than to receive and that is because when we give, when we share what we have, it makes us feel good.
That is also why the word Namaste is so powerful. It means I see the divine in you. Put another way is, I see God’s light in you. We are all God’s children.

We all originated from one energy, called the source. The Law of Divine Oneness, Everything in this Universe is made up of energy. The bed you sleep in, the TV you watch, the rocks in your garden, the car you drive and most importantly your thoughts. This energy is vibrating in circular patterns.
Visualize a Ferris wheel. You start off at the bottom and circle to the top and then you are back to where you started. You can get off or you can continue circling in a continuous loop. This is the same as energy. It is circling and whatever we send out is what we will get back.
Even though every object or thing is made up of energy, this energy is vibrating at different frequencies for each thing or object. Your positive thoughts for instance are vibrating at the highest frequency, while your negative thoughts are vibrating at a lower frequency. Just like light envelops darkness, your positive feelings and emotions can eat up your negativity and bad feelings. So always look for the higher vibrations of positive thoughts and feelings.
Now we can take this further. If you attach the energy of emotion to your thoughts, it multiplies your energy. This leads to a quicker harvest or manifestation. Think of it as a super charged Ferris wheel spinning faster and faster!
Your emotions are a good indicator of the frequency you are vibrating. Learn to pay attention to your feelings, they are indications of what you are manifesting either consciously or unconsciously.
Whenever you feel depression, anxiety or trepidation, it is telling you that you are going in the opposite direction to your destiny.

Divine Oneness

That is it for today’s, Transform Your Mind – 5 mins with Coach Myrna.

Today we discussed the first Law of the Universe, The Law of Divine Oneness . Tune in next week when I will teach on the second Law of the Universe, for success – The law of vibration!
Until next time Namaste

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